Caching around Wimpole Estate

We’ve had a rather quiet year of Geocaching so far. Mainly due to being so busy organising exciting Mega Essex things, but also because of the bad weather. With the weather brightening up and sunshine in the sky we had a few really enjoyable trips out grabbing some locally placed caches.

Wimpole Estate is a beautiful area owned by the national trust with Wimpole Hall inside. You have to pay to enter the hall, however, the rest of the estate is free to walk around and the National Trust have encouraged Geocaching there by hiding their own caches in the grounds. We’d enjoyed quite a few caches that the National Trust had hidden before, so thought the short series of 6 caches would be a good one to check out on Bank Holiday Monday.

Caches around Wimpole Estate

Caches around Wimpole Estate

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