Wherigo Caches – Part 2: Building Cartridges

A quick word of warning… This is going to get geeky! If you’re not interested in creating Wherigo cartridges then this blog post really isn’t for you! 😉

Creating a Wherigo Cartridge?

I’d heard in the past that creating WherIGo cartridges is a difficult thing to do which made me ignore them for a while. To create them in the first place requires quite good computer knowledge and a basic understanding of programming, but nothing too indepth. It seems that the thing that causes the problems is not the technical requirements, but rather the buggy software that is provided to do it, and using it to create reliable cartridges that don’t crash mid-way!

As wherigo is under Groundspeak, Groundspeak created their own official “Wherigo Builder” software. This software hasn’t been updated since 2008 and is still in beta (test) version. This isn’t your only option however and I have found two other options, “Urwigo” and “Earwigo.net“. I like a challenge so I decided “How hard can it really be to create a wherigo cartridge?” Well, as there are only about 40 in the entire country, possibly a lot harder than it sounds. Surely there are other techies like me that Geocache (it is afterall considered to be quite a geeky hobby) and have the underlying programming knowledge to create a wherigo? So where are all of the wherigos???

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Wherigo Caches – Part 1: Playing the game

What is Wherigo?

Wherigo is a GPS outdoor activity that was created by Groundspeak. The idea is that wherigo is a cross between geocaching and an adventure game. Each game is called a cartridge and the game is played on your GPS device. As I write there are only 41 wherigo Geocaches available in the entire country, so I think it’s fair to say that it never took off massively over here in connection with geocaching. Wherigo cartridges don’t have to have caches at the end. They could simply be a fun location based game. Groundspeak did however patent the idea in US Patent number 6,691,032 so they obviously thought they had a good idea at the time, however since their wherigo builder hasn’t received any update since May 2008 it seems like for now they have lost interest with the idea.

Not a lot to choose from!

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