The first caching adventures of 2012

Monday 2nd January

Our first caching day of 2012 was 2nd January. We have a selection of stickers that we place in logbooks when we find caches and I had designed a new selection for 2012 so I was very eager to go and put them in some logbooks!

2012 cassandy stickers

We headed north east towards Mildenhall, for a series placed in the Forestry Commission owned Mildenhall Woods. There were 3 short series plus a night cache in there and the plan was to get the timings right so that we finished the 3rd series just as it got dark so that we could do the night cache…

On the way to the series we stopped off for 3 quick caches along the river. The sun was shining and as soon as we joined the river 2 swans came and swam past. They ignored us though. Although the first cache was just a little one contained in a glass spice jar, the second two caches were in very decent sized containers and I was very pleased that I could use my new stickers to sign the logbook (It’s the little things in life…)

The swans passing by

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Caching in Sussex goes with a bang!

Well, it’s been a while since my last Caching Adventures blog. There has been plenty of caching, however I’ve been extremely busy over the past few weeks so haven’t had the time to write a blog entry. We’ve just had quite an exciting week of caching however, as we headed down to Lewes, Sussex for my birthday week. It also ended up that we had chosen one of the best places to head for firework celebrations and were able to combine all of my most favourite things: caching, fireworks, and shopping! 😀

We headed off into Lewes on Saturday 5th to see their firework celebrations, which are arguably the best in the country. We had planned to grab a few sneaky caches whilst everyone was distracted by the entertainment. That didn’t happen however, as we had underestimated just how many people would be there and there were many police officers standing at the spots that we needed to search. Just far too many muggles to risk it. The fireworks celebrations were really something amazing though. We arrived in the town around 5:30pm to see flames disappearing past the crowds in the distance.


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Caching for our 5000th milestone

We recently headed to Selsey on the south coast for a long break and Geocaching bonanza! We left home knowing it’d be very likely that we would reach our 5000th milestone before the week was out and so planned our Geocaching trips around finding something special at the right time!

Welcome to Selsey

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Caching on our 1 year Geocaching anniversary

Caching in Sussex

Saturday was our last day of our first caching year, so we thought we’d go out with a bang and headed to Sussex with mel-ray, squirtchy, and new addition to the group, bendos. We headed to a loop of caches which run from village to village around Horstead Keynes, Scaynes Hill, Ardingly, and Lindfield. This was a 14 mile loop that gave us 80 finds with squirtchy reaching his 400th find, and mel-ray reaching their 4000th find. A big congratulations to them.

Scaynes Hill village sign

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More muddy Autumn Caching

Completing the crosswords

On Wednesday it was the day of Essex Meet number 6. It was in an area that we hadn’t been caching before, so I booked the day off of work and we decided to do a bit of caching on the way there.

We had done the Crossword Cache #5 Grand Master for our 2000th find, however there were still 3 more crossword caches left to find. We thought today would be a good day as we could go past them on the way to the event. As I had solved all 5 crosswords and emailed my solutions to the CO, if we found all 5 actual caches it meant that we would earn a place in the crossword cache hall of fame.

On the way there we first stopped off at a cache that was placed the day before. gillywig had beaten us to the FTF, but we didn’t mind. The cache was Most Photographed village in Essex – Finchingfield. It was a nano near a duck pond and when I wen to retrieve it some ducks and geese emerged from the field. I had to take the cache away to sign it, and when I returned they all started chasing me away! Haha! I was in fits of histerics! Eventually I managed to approach from a different angle and get the cache back in its place without getting pecked.

Shes got the cache! GET HER!

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Sussex Cache Bash Day 7 – Home time

We decided to stay an extra night at the campsite, however we really wish we hadn’t. It rained non-stop from about 9:30pm and at 2am we woke up to a raging storm. The tent was flying about all over the place but we were OK. I muttered the famous last words “It can’t get any worse than this” and about 10 minutes after saying that the side of the tent flung in as one of the corners had become unpegged. We had to bail out of the tent and sleep in the car. In the morning we had to mop it out a bit as somehow some water had dripped in and made puddles. Luckily we were packing up to go home anyway. It was a horrible night, but our tent did stand up to the force.

In the morning I was feeling pretty miserable and lacked enthusiasm for anything. After breakfast we decided to take it easy and wander into Brighton for a little shopping. The shopping spanned into a little bit of caching and gradually my motivation came back.

We hit the choppy seafront to grab a few.

The pier

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Sussex Cache Bash Day 6 – Urban caching

Burgess Hill urban caches

It was nice to do something a bit different again today on the pavement. Yesterday the trails along the wet grass soaked my feet and so pavement was decided as it would be a lot dryer. It was quite fun being “unsuspicious”. One of he great caches for the day was called ‘DO YA NUT’. There was a metal structure along the side of the road with a huge bolt and nut through it. I tried to undo the bolt but it wasn’t shifting so I disregarded it and searched elsewhere. We then went back to it and were a bit more forceful and the bolt came off to reveal a piece of paper – the log! It was a great place to hide one but the log was just rolled inside the bolt and was scruffy and had rust on it. It was a great hiding place, but I can’t help feeling that if the owner had just popped it into one of those little sample vials it would have been so much more classy!

The bolt cache. Not bad!

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