Caching, Waymarking, and the Langdon Plotlands event

On Thursday we went into Peterborough city centre for a few caches and a go at our first real waymarking. To start off the day, however we headed just north of the city for a trail of 22 caches called Helpston Hike. We’d got quite used to poshrule’s hides in this area, however this series was laid by fluffy-chick. There were no hints for the caches so we just had to use our noses. We started off by parking in Helpston near a lovely church. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like the “church micro craze” that we’re quite used to down our way has caught on up here so we quite often drive past lovely churches which would be ideal spots for a church micro, but don’t have caches there yet.

Helpston Church, but no church micro

After passing through a horse pasture we reached the first cache, which definitely put a smile on our faces. At this point we thought that the series may be a little bit more special than we had realised!

A cache to make you smile!

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Explore the outdoors: Part 2 – Waymarking

In part 1 of Explore the Outdoors I looked at Benchmarking and Trigpointing. In Part 2 I take a look at Waymarking.

What is Waymarking?

Waymarking is like benchmarking on crack! 😉 To access these waymarks you will need to visit the website at As I write this there are 1000+ different categories for waymark types. The waymarks range from fast food restaurants and coffee shops, to types of signs and to benchmarks and trig points. As a Geocaching user, your username and password is also usable on the waymarking site meaning that you don’t have to fill in any additional forms.

There are millions of waymarks out there and some which I view as being a pretty pointless thing to want to collect. You can however build a favorite category list and an ignore category list. There is a ‘U.K. and Ireland Trigpoints’ category on there which holds over 3500 records, which looks like it is only a tiny amount as there are 13000 flush brackets alone in the UK Benchmarks database and 7642 trig points on trigpointinguk. After doing a search around my area it soon became clear that the number of benchmarks in waymarking is nowhere near that of the Benchmark UK database.

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