MEGA Wales caching – PART 2

Following on from MEGA Wales caching – PART 1…

Saturday – Evening

Saturday Evening was the camping event which was very convenient for us! We headed off to the other field with our BBQ, chairs, burgers, and drinkies and sat in a little circle. It was all very cosy!

Waiting for the burgers to cook

A well packed camping field

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MEGA Wales caching – PART 1

We had the most amazing adventures on a long weekend in Wales for the UK MEGA event last weekend. It was hosted in an area where there weren’t many cache series or trails so caches were a bit sparse in comparison to something like a holiday in Sussex. Our approach was therefore to pick up a handful of really brilliant caches instead and focus on quality. And judging by the amount of photos I took during our trip, I think we really managed it…


We’d booked a long weekend at the campsite for the MEGA Wales event and headed down on Thursday. The route that we were taking into Wales went right past the ‘Cachebusters‘ challenge cache which about a month ago we completed. The idea is that you get across a Blockbuster-style board by filling in some Geocaching tasks. To participate you have to register your intention to join in and from the day that you do that, your slate is wiped clean and all previous finds do not count. I’m very grateful to Hannah of The QC’s who told me about the cache so that I could register my intent on 13th Feb 2011. At the time I did so I thought it’d be years before I got to the area to claim our find, looks like we got there a lot sooner than I thought. So if you haven’t registered, just get to the cache page and post a note letting the CO know that you want to play!

Our journey across the Cachebusters board

Cachebusters! (That's a TB on top!)

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