My first hide – Keeping my promise

So on a previous recent post I promised to get my a*se in gear and get hiding! Well, you won’t be disappointed! Last night I applied Xylene to all boxes to remove the shiny coating and help the paint stick better, and today we spray painted all the boxes black. We printed off a load of labels and made up some covers for the log books.

I've blanked out the name and location

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WHAT? You don’t like trails? :(

I was shocked to read a recent topic on the UK section of the Geocaching forums where many users said that they weren’t keen on trails and considered them to be “all about the numbers”. I thought everyone loved trails as we do and there are plenty in our area to go around. People started mentioning power trails but I think they got a bit confused and started thinking trails with a good few caches along a good few miles are power trails. They are not! I googled Power Trails and the Geocacher University website backed up my understanding:

“A series of caches placed in close proximity to each other–usually just over .1 mile apart. The caches are normally quick finds a quick way to rack up some numbers. Power trails are looked down upon by some and frowned upon in the guidelines.”

We don’t have them in the UK. The closest I’ve found is the 109 caches in 20 miles that I blogged about in a recent post.

One great thing I did pick up from that topic however was a GeoCaching website I had no idea about… A list of trails! Check it out, if you love trails as much as we do. I may submit some soon… 🙂

UK Powertrails

Recently I’ve been listening to the Geocaching podcasts “The Geocaching Podcast” and “Podcacher”. These are American podcasts where the presenters debate caching issues, chat about their adventures, take calls from listeners, review hardware, etc. quite often a magic little word is mentioned “Powertrail”…

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