Back down to Surrey – BBL and Epsom Downs

Surrey Icon Challenge & Church Micro 1000… Wherigo

On Monday we headed down to Surry to complete the BBL series and Epsom Downs series. We started the day, however by claiming the Surrey Icon Challenge mystery cache. This was the cache that required 6 different cache types to be found in a single day. We did this on the 12th February by grabbing an earthcache, multi-cache, letterbox, traditional, mystery, webcam, and a virtual (for luck!) It was a nice achievement to do a challenge cache and we had great fun with the great variety of caches that we found on that day.

We then headed off to the BBL series, however at the start of this was the Church Micro 1000 wherigo. This was a quick, simple one in comparison to some where we just had to visit a few locations to retrieve numbers for the final cache coordinates. An enjoyable wherigo for quite a grand church.

Church Micro 1000

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Caching in the sunshine (at last!)

Caching before the Essex meet

We had a bonus day of caching on Wednesday as the Essex meet (event) was in the evening and quite a long way from home at Westcliff (Near Southend-on-sea) so we thought we’d make a day of it. We were also pleased to have Mel’s (of mel-ray) company during the morning and afternoon before Ray also joined us in the evening for a few caches before the meet.

The day started off quite gloomy and a little misty, however it wasn’t raining so I’m not going to complain!!! We started off with another YOSM trig point find YSM220 Nobles Green.

Nobles Green Trig Point

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The muddy route to our 2000th cache!

Alderstead Amble

After last weekend we were on 1925 finds. So close to the 2000 milestone that we could almost taste it. It was hard to decide which series to go for for our Saturday cache bash, however I managed to spot a new series that hadn’t long been published, it was MM’s – Alderstead Amble, a trail of 50 caches over 10 miles in Surrey. I dropped a quick email to our good friends, mel-ray to see if they fancied doing it and to our surprise they also had their eye on the series for this weekend!

We teamed up and started the trail at 6:20am. It was still pretty dark at this time, however we had all bought plenty of torches with us and were soon finding the caches without a problem. We knew that there was an extreme cache between a couple of caches on this series, it was Lactodorum Towers. This was an extreme 5/5 cache that required you to climb to the top of a 20ft-ish tower. We didn’t have the ropes (however will do after I’ve got a bit of climbing experience) so went to check it out to see what was required for the challenge.

It's a long way up

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A scary day of caching

Today we went a lot further afield than normal and ventured out Surrey way. We had heard good things about a trail called MUGS (Mugswell Meander) and followed it with Walton Wander to make for our best day of caching ever: 85 finds in 1 day! After we beat our record last weekend by finding 67 we though it’d be a long while before we got anywhere near it again. I guess not!

An easy start

We started MUGS at 8am. Luckily the pouring rain that chased us down the M25 had come to a hault by the time we had reached the parking for the trail. We set off through a woodland area and through some mucky paths.

Through the wet woodland

A lot of the MUGS caches were listed as having travel bugs in there, but going by past experience that doesn’t mean that there is actually one in, however we were on to a roll when we found coins in number 7 and 8. The majority of MUGS were really good sized containers, very few micros. Although we don’t really go for swag, it’s always nice to find a good sized container.


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