Virtuals/Earths on the way to North Devon

Today we set off at 6am for a camp site near Barnstaple, Devon. It’s about a 6 hour trip down so we decided to break it up using earth and virtual caches that we had plotted along the route. We were a bit too optimistic when planning, but didn’t do bad and ended up with 4 earths, 1 virtual and 5 traditionals that happened to be nearby.

The first was The Royal Oaks (GC3F80) which took us to a section of oak trees planted for Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth and King George’s jubilees. The goal was to find the two George and Elizabeth trees and grab their co-ords and inscriptions. Sadly this took up a huge chunk of our time as despite finding George’s tree we couldn’t find the inscription so spent ages thinking there must be an oak hidden somewhere. Just as we were about to give up we spotted the plaque hiding on the wall! Hooray! Very close to the cache were 2 traditionals which we bagged as well.

The King George Oak

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Earth caches and more cache bag essentials

Today we went for a trip around Hanningfield reservoir (just south of Chelmsford). It was a lovely day out and we bagged 17 caches in the 10mile walk around it. We did however underestimate the time it would take and expected to be finished around 1pm, but weren’t done until 4pm. Unfortunately we didn’t take any food with us, but fortunately there was a cafe with some lovely bacon sarnies on the way round! They kept us going strong until we got back to the car. This leads me on to a new summer cache bag essential…

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“Special” Caches

We all know about the usual traditional, multi, and unknown cache types, but what about the more special types of caches? Our 501 cache finds have all been either traditionals, multi’s or unknown caches. We’ve never enterred the realms of virtuals, earth caches, letter boxes, or webcam caches. However, I think I’m ready to take the dive.

I had a good idea of what each one was, but wasn’t confident to give them a go. To be honest, they sound a lot easier than normal caches as you don’t look suspicious hunting for a container. So for anyone who isn’t sure, here’s a quick rundown…

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