Duplicate logs – When is a find not a find?

When you’ve logged it twice, you silly cow!!! *sigh*

When I uploaded ‘My finds’ to http://www.mygeocachingprofile.com (great site by the way, do check it out!) it told me I had 1229 finds with 1227 distinct caches. WHAT? I scanned through the entire list and couldn’t find any duplicates. I did the same in GSAK. I couldn’t find any duplicates. To the rescue came ‘Cache stats‘ which I always thought you had to pay for but it’s free! Yay!

I immediately uploaded My Finds to cache stats and bingo! Two duplicate logs that I hadn’t seen! 😦


This is very sad news as it means our 1000th find wasn’t. It was our 998th find and the 45mins searching for coords 100ft off in the dark weren’t as special as we thought. However at the time it was special and to me that was our 1000th find. So, it is and it will always be our 1000th milestone even though the numbers aren’t quite the same. That’s what you get for logging on the iPhone! At least in the future I’ll know how to check for duplications!


GSAK Lock Multiple Records

I’m getting on pretty well with GSAK 🙂 We’re very good friends now! I loaded 2 PQ’s of the areas we are camping and used my trail macro to update the user data fields to identify trails. Some it missed, as they only had a few characters matching in the trail names so I did these manually. I then discovered my PQ’s didn’t quite cover all of the area that I’d hoped so I needed to import another set. I realised that this would overwrite my data that I’d enterred and whereas I could run the macro to replace most of the trail data, I would need to do the manual stuff all again.

So, I quickly knocked up a GSAK macro. It took about a minute. I turned on a filter for all records where User Data 2 is not empty (i.e. those I’ve labelled as trails) and then written a bit of code that just loops through the records shown by the filter and locks them all. Simples:

GOTO position=top
WHILE not ($_EOL)
$d_Lock = true
GOTO position=next

GSAK Macro to label all trails (With num of caches in trail)

Did I ever mention that I like cache trails? (Yes Cass, a HUNDRED times!) OK well, as I like trails so much and I’m playing around with GSAK at the moment I had a thought on how I could get myself a little macro to sort the data in GSAK into trails. I thought my prayers had been answered when I found this post on the macro list, but all that did was show me a list of trails in a pop-up box, it didn’t give me anything to sort my data with. So I decided to utilize the code from that one to make my own…

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GeoCaching Software

I’m planning to add some posts on GeoCaching software. Had a nice email from Geocaching user DrDick&Vick yesterday who had seen my post complaining about GSAK. He recommended another piece of software to me that he uses called ‘GeoCaching Log‘ something I have never ever stumbled across. I checked out the GeoCaching Online Resource Directory software directory and noticed a whole array of software…

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GPX Files

Yesterday I thought I’d give the program GSAK a go. It’s a waypoint management tool that allows you to upload your GPX files and sort through them. A cool idea and from user profiles I notice quite a lot of people use it. I can’t help thinking it feels a bit “Clunky” and out of date though. I run Windows 7 and have lost count of the amount of times it has crashed…

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