Permission for hides on public footpaths

I decided to get the wheels in motion and see who I needed to contact regarding hiding caches along public footpaths. There were some differing opinions. Some people said that all land is owned by someone and you need to find who that is before placing anything there. Others say that as long as it’s not too far off the public footpath then you don’t need any permission. Perhaps the most useful post was on the East Anglian GeoCachers Forum ( by The BeeKeeper (A reviewer who reviews most new publications in my local area): “When I review caches we generally only ask for copy of the permission or details of whom it was obtained for certain areas, such as nature reserves, SSSI’s, Churches and other sensitive areas. These have come about due to cachers who in the past have not obtained permission and it later causes the reviewers and to deal with the land owner complaints.”

I then emailed a cache owner who has laid trails in my local area whom I have emailed before. They confirmed that it is usually OK to lay caches along public footpaths. However they have laid one in an SSSI before (without realising) and had their submission rejected. I think therefore I am good to go with my hides. I have just got to finish perfecting my containers!!!


When is a footpath not a footpath?

When there’s no sign! Duh! Ah, but what about this…

Were nearly at the 500 mark for finds now and it’s starting to feel like everything in a realistic distance has been discovered! It’s time to branch out further afield and also lay our own…

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