Explore the outdoors: Part 3 – Geocaching.com alternatives

In my previous “Explore the Outdoors” posts I have looked at Waymarking and Benchmarking/Trigpointing. In this installment I take a look at alternative cache listings websites.

It’s not just all about Groundspeak Geocaching. There is also NaviCache, Opencaching, TerraCaching and also just recently OpenCaching.com. I thought as I’d already blogged about the new OpenCaching.com site that it’d only be fair to give the other sites a bit of the spotlight

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Opencaching.com – Garmin’s new cache listing site!

Just when OpenCaching was starting to accumulate a good number of caches along came another Geocaching site, OpenCaching! Er, wait… Didn’t I just say that??? Yes I did. In case you weren’t aware, Geocaching.com is not the only cache listing site out there. There is also navicache, Terracaching, and quite recently a trend of ‘OpenCaching’ with sites for each country (opencaching.org.uk, opencaching.eu, opencaching.us, etc.) These opencaching sites are focused on being completely free, so there is no members fee. Also you have more choices on what types of cache you can submit. E.g. Webcam and virtuals are allowed.

This new opencaching site that has caused quite a stir is opencaching.com and despite having the same name is not under the same umbrella as all of the other opencaching sites, instead it is associated with our good friends GARMIN!!! Hmmm…

At least the graphics are cute!

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