A few nice caches in Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire

After our trip to Yorkshire for the week we spent a couple of days around Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire. Our caching friends had always raved about the Alphabet Soup series and the favourite points all over the caches speak for themselves! So on the way back from Yorkshire we stopped off to do the series.

On the way down the M1 we couldn’t help but notice a massive old house and wondered what it was. A quick look on the GPS revealed Sutton Scarsdale Hall, a ruined 18th century manor which was free to visit (Thanks to finding ‘The ruin of me’ (GC28657) cache on the GPS so we reprogrammed the Satnav and headed there first.

The room layout in Scarsdale Hall

The room layout in Scarsdale Hall

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What a wonderful woodland wander!

Notable caches today: Some of the Monkey Puzzle series, Eleanor’s Sweetie Jar, Wellow Woods Nature Trail, Funny Money, and Sound and Vision, The UK’s first oil field earthcache.


A puzzling start to the day

We decided to stick to trails that were nearby today. Our first call was at the ‘Monkey Puzzle’ series. The names of the caches related to the names of islands from the Monkey Island computer games. These were my absolute favorites and I have fond memories of playing them on our very first PC. 1.2GB hard drive, 128mb RAM and a Pentium 133 processor, but it ran monkey island 1 and 2 and that’s all we needed! No need for all the fancy graphics we have nowadays 😉 We thought this would be a circular walk but it turned out to be a bit over the show and we had to move the car 3 times. We only ended up grabbing a couple as we wanted a nice big walk…

Our first letterbox

After this we headed over to do our first Letterbox cache, ‘Eleanor’s Sweetie Jar’. In a previous blog entry I’d done about ‘Special Caches‘ I mentioned not being too sure what a letterbox cache was. The owner of this cache, Slightly Tall Paul stepped in and left a comment on my entry explaining better and mentioned this cache. Well, how could we go up here and not grab his cache after he was so kind as to comment and fill us in on letterboxes? So after the Monkey Puzzle cache attempt we headed over here. It took a little while to find as although it was quite a big sweetie jar it looked like it’d been coated in about 2 rolls of camo tape! 😉 When we opened it up it was jam packed with swag. More than you could ever imagine. Inside were not 1, not 2, not 3, BUT FOUR travel bugs!!! We swapped 3 with what we had, but left one as it was quite a different TB. It was a “Cache 2 cache TB” and actually a little tupperware container with a logbook and some little swag items in it. An interesting idea, but not something we wanted to carry around with us.

A very different Travel Bug

We don’t have a stamp for logbooks, but I did a little doodle of Teddy, our Geodog instead. It was a bit crappy. I’ll have to practice for future letterboxes 🙂 It was a brilliant example to get us started with letterboxing. […]

Our mark in the logbook

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Caching on the way to Sherwood Forest

Notable caches found today: Wimpole Woods and the CCP (Colwick Country Park) trail

So up we went to Nottingham! We had the bikes on the rack on the back of the car as we had our eye on a few bike trails. On the way up there we had our eye on a very special cache. It was the only one we needed to complete our row of 2.5 terrain for all difficulties as it was a 2.5T and 4.5D cache. Surprisingly there are only 12 caches of this level within 100 miles of our home coordinates! This was the only one that was reachable without going very far out of our way or south of London. It was ‘Wimpole Woods‘ The full circular trail around to the cache was 3 or so miles long, however we cut it in half and approached at a different angle. What we didn’t realise was the massive hill we’d have to bike up to get to it. I think this must have upped our terrain to about 3.5!!!

View from the top

The cache was quite easy to get to and we found it without any problems. We are not able to get a cache in London that we have our eye on called ‘Gridlocked‘ that requires completing a terrain or difficulty line (Like bingo!) before you’re allowed to log it. So on our next trip to London we will grab it. I think a very cool little goal would be to get a cache of every difficulty and terrain rating combination (There are 81 combinations) and think I might have a go at planning to do this. […]

Bingo line

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