Halloween Mega 2014

It was the end of October and this could only mean one thing: Time for the Annual Halloween Mega Event. We had visited for the 2013 event and the 2012 event and had enjoyed them a lot. This year, due to difficulties with the venue, the Mega was held outside in a marquee. As we were having such a warm October this didn’t make too much of a difference and the committee did so well to reorganise it at the last minute and keep it together.

The event was held at Wakeley Woods with a day caching and night caching series put out for the event. The day caches included 10 lab caches as well, which was the first time at a Halloween Mega that we’ve seen them.

We started the day by heading to the marquee full of the usual caching store faces and a few other mega committees.

Halloween Base

Halloween Base

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The Halloween MEGA 2013

After the huge success of the “Halloween Hides and Creepy Caches” event going MEGA last year, the organisers arranged arranged yet another spooky Halloween MEGA event for this year. I headed to Salcey Forest with Andy750x to meet up with many of our caching friends for a day of Creepy caching!

After registering with “The Fuzzy Bears” at the main centre we were able to grab the list of cache hides for the event. We teamed up with mel-ray, stones2005 and Helennbrian. Thankfully Mr. Stones2005 had brought his laptop along so were were able to quickly download the caches rather than manually type in all of the waypoints!

Welcome to the Halloween Mega!

Welcome to the Halloween Mega!

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Caching in Suffolk and Northamptonshire


On July 28th we stayed close to home, but decided to travel from Essex to Suffolk. We were tempted by a series around Belchamp Water, Belchamp Water Circular.

We were pleasantly surprised by the series as the paths were brilliant, unlike some of the overgrown areas that we usually experience on summer caching trips. I’d even go as far to say that we could have walked the series wearing shorts! The paths were well marked and well cut, and an absolute pleasure to use.

Through the fields

The series passed near the grand Belchamp hall, which I went to take a look at. There was the sound of peacocks coming from the gardens as we hunted for a nearby cache.

Belchamp Hall

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Winter caching adventures in Kent, Northamptonshire, and Essex

Hill climbing in Trosley Country Park

I’d been a very busy puzzle-solving Geocacher over the past few weeks and had cracked 18 puzzles around a country park in Kent. Although the puzzle locations were quite spread out they could be combined with an existing series, plus other caches to form a couple of circular walks of about 6 miles and 8 miles. It looked like a lovely area to explore with a lot of the caches showing as being in a woods. I’d noted that the walks may be a little hilly in places, however may have slightly underestimated the elevation as it was a bit higher than we anticipated!

On Saturday 14th Jan we got started in Trosley country park with mel-ray at 8am before the car park opened so it was very quiet with just the odd early morning jogger busying themselves on the footpaths. With a chill in the air and the low winter sun we soon entered the woodland area of the country park only to be nearly blinded by the sun crashing through the trees.

The winter sun breaking through

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Officially a “Well-rounded cacher”!

With the unexpected heat wave that we’ve been experiencing over the past couple of weeks, a couple of trips caching along the river were in order. On 24th September our river of choice was the River Lea, and on 2nd Octobber it was the River Nene.

Our trip to the River Nene also had us filling in the final two boxes on our difficulty/terrain matrix. That’s it now. All 81 combinations complete (And surprisingly I’m still alive to tell the tale!)

24th September

We had completed the caches along the River Lea during a couple of trips the year before. We had done it on bike and I remember a big section where there were no caches. This section was then filled with 12 caches so we returned to get them, this time on foot. It wasn’t a chore though, it wasn’t like “We cycled this section last year and now we’ve got to do it AGAIN”, but a real pleasure to return. It’s not often that we visit a beautiful place a few times when caching as once is usually enough to clear the area and last time we were cycling so weren’t able to absorb the area. This time we took a very slow stroll down the river in the sunshine. We started early to avoid muggles, and the majority of muggles at that time of the morning were just rowing up and down the river.

The River Lea

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Caching in Kettering

Air Station 106

We decided to take a trip up to Kettering on Friday to grab some caches up that way. The main focus of our attention was the “Air Station 106” trail. This was a trail of 12 caches (Plus two laid by others) around an old airfield opened in the 1940’s, “Grafton Underwood”.

There was a cache placed in the entrance, RAF Grafton Underwood which was an easy find to get us started and in a lovely large bison container which I can imagine would have cost a few pennies.

At the Entrance to Grafton Park

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