TOTRB – Two great days of letterbox hybrids

Messing about on the river

On Sunday 7th November I got another year older! 😦 However it meant that as it was my birthday I got to pick something to do to celebrate. Me being me, I obviously hadn’t worked out that on your birthday you’re meant to relax and put your feet up so that you can be spoilt rotten and nstead, caching was the order of the day! I had had my eye on a special set of caches for months and my birthday seemed to be the perfect excuse to stay up in Lincoln for a few days to complete the TOTRB (Tales of the Riverbank) trail there. So after the fireworks had finished in Peterborough we headed up to Lincoln and stayed up there for the Sunday and Monday to do the trail which was linear long the river and totalled about 60 miles (30 there, 30 back). This trail was so special because all of the caches are letterboxe hybrids. With letterboxes you don’t just sign the logbook, instead you stamp the logbook or doodle in it. The boxes also contain a stamp that you can put in your own personal book. They are on the whole just more a lot more creative. I loved that idea and designed my own stamp and sent it off for creation. So armed with our stamp and or bikes we headed off down the river…

TOTRB Series 1 – 3

We didn’t really know what to expect from the trail. In the cache description we had been told to print out a little grid which was labelled with numbers and letters. We found the first cache and opened it up to find a homemade stamp. We stamped it in square A1 and placed the cache back. I then read the description for the next cache in the series and realised I was meant to stamp it in certain squares a certain amount of times. Ah! I retrieved the cache again and read the front of the logbook. We knew what to do now! The majority of the caches were easy finds, which after last weekend’s DNF-littered trip down the river was very welcome! The boxes were all of a reasonable size meaning we didn’t have to dig down too often to retrieve the treasure. Despite the odd blob of rain it was also a really lovely day weather-wise. The sun was shining, and I was smiling. I remember thinking to myself “THIS is what caching is all about!”

Stamping the logbook

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1500 here we come!

Notable Caches: The Brayford Pool earthcache, All On a Line, Pyewipe junction, Skeg-to-ness #75-95.

A special 1500th milestone?

It was our last day on our trip away 😦 and as we had to vacate our lodge it meant that we had to do something on the bikes as we didn’t fancy leaving them on the back of the car parked at a random location. We therefore chose the trail running along the old railway from Chesterfield to Lincoln conveniently grabbing the rest of the skeg-to-ness series running in descending order from #95 on the way there. This put us in a rather awkward situation. We were 21 finds away from our 1500th find. This 1500 meant quite a lot to us as for about 3 months it had been our target for 6th March 2011, our 1 year Geocaching anniversary. Well, we managed to get a lot closer than we had expected! We didn’t want it to be on a little micro. So after a lot of planning we decided that we would do Skeg-to-ness on the way to the trail, get to our 1499th find and then whizz all the way down into Lincoln to get The Brayford Pool earthcache for 1500. We would then make our way up the train line and get all of the caches on the way. Now that sounds like a plan, Batman! […]

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