Our first ever 5/5 cache!

Woohoo! We didn’t get woken up in the night by the rain, so we were optimistic as we slowly rolled off of our deflated air bed (spung a bloody puncture the morning before and despite us patching it with gorilla tape it was still dead. Need to get a new one) Out of the window the sun was shining, however the grass was wet with dew which made it interesting packing the tent away!

To speed up the process we skipped brekkie on the stove and headed to McDonalds for the healthier choice of their brekkies: A Phili bagel and jam porridge. As a side note, being the health conscience peeps that we are we hadn’t visited McD’s in ages. The restaurants are great now they’ve done them up. It’s just the little things that impress me, like the blue neon light that shines on your hands as you dry the. Useless, yes, but aesthetically pleasing none-the-less! Here we pondered our route…

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Decisions, Decisions…

The weather forecast had promised us a better day today, but as we woke to rain beating down on the tent we knew we had some more hard work ahead. Our walking shoes were still saturated, and our other pair were only suitable for dry weather caching. I had a light bulb moment and decided to try wearing 2 pairs of socks with a plastic bag tied around my feet and surprisingly it actually worked! I didn’t feel the wet at all! Eureka! I’m thinking we need to nab some of those “over shoes” that they have at our gym/swimming pool as they would be very handy!

We had 3 choices today: The Landkey Loop, Below the Belt, or the rest of Way Down West. With another day of miserable weather ahead we decided on Below the Belt (GC26X6G) The cache description promised us some nice views so we went for that one.

There were 30 caches and I’m pleased to say we nailed every single one. There were also some crazy hides that took quite a while to unearth! We started off at the church an parked there too in a huge car park. After finding the first few caches we burrowed through a sweetcorn field. The corns must have been 8-10ft high and towered above me. We had full waterproofs on though and it was quite a cool adventure passing through.

These were definitely green giants!

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Way Down Wet… Sorry, I mean West

All night the rain had hammered down on the tent and when we awoke in the morning it was still raining. We cooked our brekkie on the stove, in the rain and then covered ourselves in a waterproof jacket, trousers and watertite shoes. It was still raining but we were still caching!!!

We had decided to do the huge Way Down West loop (GC24XHH) today. This is the “nearly a powertrail” of 109 caches just north of Barnstaple, Devon. It was a total of 20miles, in a figure of 8. We decided to break it up and do the top half of the 8. This ended up giving us just over 50 caches for the day…

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Virtuals/Earths on the way to North Devon

Today we set off at 6am for a camp site near Barnstaple, Devon. It’s about a 6 hour trip down so we decided to break it up using earth and virtual caches that we had plotted along the route. We were a bit too optimistic when planning, but didn’t do bad and ended up with 4 earths, 1 virtual and 5 traditionals that happened to be nearby.

The first was The Royal Oaks (GC3F80) which took us to a section of oak trees planted for Queen Victoria, Queen Elizabeth and King George’s jubilees. The goal was to find the two George and Elizabeth trees and grab their co-ords and inscriptions. Sadly this took up a huge chunk of our time as despite finding George’s tree we couldn’t find the inscription so spent ages thinking there must be an oak hidden somewhere. Just as we were about to give up we spotted the plaque hiding on the wall! Hooray! Very close to the cache were 2 traditionals which we bagged as well.

The King George Oak

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