Caching adventures in the Peak District

In April we headed to the Peak District in search of some quality geocaches. Our last proper visit to the peaks was four years ago in an attempt to fill in some holes in our difficulty and terrain matrix (You can read about that adventure here and here). Since then I’d accumulated quite a list of caches that looked great in that area and when we decided to head back again it was a good opportunity to visit them.

We were staying near Glossop in the high peaks so decided to head up early via Dove Dale, a renowned beauty spot along the river Dove, in the south of the Peak District. Our first stop, however, was Mountain Warehouse in Ashbourne to pick up our Meryl the Sheep Trackable! Mountain Warehouse are running a competition where you can grab a free trackable and send it on its adventures. I wasn’t particularly bothered about the holiday, but wanted a sheep so that it could come on an adventure with me! 😀 Either way, it’s nice to see another big company getting on board Geocaching.

My Meryl the sheep TB

My Meryl the sheep TB

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A few nice caches in Derbyshire/Nottinghamshire

After our trip to Yorkshire for the week we spent a couple of days around Nottinghamshire/Derbyshire. Our caching friends had always raved about the Alphabet Soup series and the favourite points all over the caches speak for themselves! So on the way back from Yorkshire we stopped off to do the series.

On the way down the M1 we couldn’t help but notice a massive old house and wondered what it was. A quick look on the GPS revealed Sutton Scarsdale Hall, a ruined 18th century manor which was free to visit (Thanks to finding ‘The ruin of me’ (GC28657) cache on the GPS so we reprogrammed the Satnav and headed there first.

The room layout in Scarsdale Hall

The room layout in Scarsdale Hall

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Extreme caching in the Peak District (Part 2 …and the lows)

I’ve already blogged about the first half of our week in the Peaks where we conquered the high peaks, but for the rest of the week we stayed on flatter ground…

Day 5 – Forest fires!!!

Still determined to pick up another d/t combo we needed we headed about 25 miles NW of the Peaks to Greater Manchester to pick up Emerald Waterfall. This was a 1.5D/5T rated cache. We knew that we’d have to climb up a stream to get to it, but also knew it’d probably be nowhere near as bad what we’d already climbed up. We were right. It was wet, muddy and slippery, but not steep so it was relatively easy to get to, however I think if we’d gone after heavy rain we’d really have been asking for trouble!

The emerald waterfall at the end of the stream

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Extreme caching in the Peak District (Part 1 – The Highs)

We’ve just got back after a glorious week in the Peak District. For non-UK readers, this is an area in central/northern England which has a lot of rounded hills and gritstone escarpments. There are also quite a lot of caches! 🙂 We went to the High peak area where the steeper hills are, including Kinder Scout, which is the highest point at 2087ft. When I booked the trip I didn’t really have caching in mind. I noted that there were a few around the area to keep us busy, however on closer inspection due to the high terrain there were a lot of caches that fitted the holes in our difficulty/terrain matrix. Therefore this is what our caching was centered around for the week. We needed to fill 20 of the holes in our d/t matrix, and after grabbing Grimmerscotting’s “The devil’s porridge” a few days earlier which filled the 3.5D/3.5T that gave us 14 that we could potentially find on our trip away.

Before and After

Well that picture probably spoilt “The ending” as I’ve just told you that we did manage to get everything we went for, however in true cassandy style things didn’t go particularly smoothly and we managed to do quite a lot of caches the hard way…

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Weirs, Wading, and Well ‘ard hills

Notable Caches: Guide Stoops-Beeley Moor II, Skeg-to-ness #95-#131, A Quarry Caper, Harry’s Place, A Bridge over the River Wye

Journey to the Peak District

Yesterday’s weather was just right, however today we woke to quite a miserable, drizzley day. The object of today was to get to the Peak District so we could bag our second 5/5 cache and a virtual called “Harry’s Place” that would allow us to find a number that would give us the location of the “Harry’s Other Place” virtual in London. We also fancied the look of a trail around some quarry pits called ‘Quarry Capers’ which we just about got enough time to do to finish our day.

Many of you will have seen the ‘Skeg-to-ness‘ series which stretches from coast to coast. Conveniently part of this runs from where we were staying all the way into the Peak District at the point which we wanted to get to. So, we thought we would grab this on the way there. Pretty much all of the caches along this route had obvious lay-by’s or pull in’s for parking and we were able to park safely off of the road.

We started down near Ollerton with very little traffic on the roads. It seemed like we had chosen the perfect day as despite the rain we weren’t out in it for any long periods of time due to the cache and dashing.

I did the jumping out of the car to grab the caches, and called for assistance when they got a little tricky, but there weren’t too many difficult ones.

Not another nano on a wheel. Where is it???

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