HOW TO: DIY Halloween Cache Containers

Halloween is just around the corner and despite it not really being a big holiday over here in the UK, it’s a holiday that I enjoy. Every year I always make Pumpkin soup to celebrate, and this year I thought I’d hide a couple of spooky caches. Even though it’s not all that big here there are still plenty of halloween goodies in the shops. Now, of course, you can buy your halloween caches, however in my opinion they are a bit pricey (The most expensive I’ve seen being a skull for £15!) For me, “creative containers” are pointless if you don’t make them yourself. For the massive sum of 38p I am now the proud owner of a Skull cache. So here’s how you can make one too…

The Trick

The 38p skull I purchased was from ‘Wilkinsons‘. I couldn’t believe my luck when I picked it up and it was hollow. Perfect for a cache. I’ve also seen some hollow pumpkins, squeaky rats, spiders, or bats. Any of these are potential caches, you just need a container and a drill. I also used some ‘Gorilla Filler’.

Your tools!

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Drippy cache

We went back to our rock under the stepping stone last night. As we expected there was water in the film cannister. There was only a little, but if someone didn’t seal the bag properly the log would get soaked 😦 It seems some pond life was fooled by the rock as well as there were little sluggy things living in there! Hehe! Also, the stone we put on the opposite end was starting to crack the base of the plastic rock.

We’ve brought the cache back home. I plan to glue a small weight to the side of the cache to help it sink, and also replace the cannister with a Red Bull energy shot cannister that has a screw top. I will wrap it in Gorilla tape to thicken the sides. This one won’t get water in it, as I have refilled one and taken it running with me in my pocket for a quick shot of water. I didn’t get a wet pocket so all should be fine!

I’ve also used the xylene on 2 tupperware boxes. Its very nasty stuff, so anyone trying it themselves should be extra careful and don’t breathe it in! I wore two pairs of Nitrile gloves and put the chemical on the boxes using a rag. I then left them to dry overnight (In the garden) and in the morning the shiny coating on the boxes had magically disappeared. Now just got to get some spray paint to coat them! Happy days! 🙂

Cache and Splash (Part 2)

I checked on the cache this morning and the glue has dried nicely. Those little magnets aren’t going to come off without a fight! I packed the film cannister with a printed logbook, in a sealed bag. On the cannister I placed a sticker and covered it in Sticky-back plastic to stop it peeling off under water…

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Cache and Splash!

On Friday night (Whilst doing a trial run of camping in the garden! LOL!) we watched a film called ‘Splinterheads’. It’s basically about a nerdy guy and a cool girl who works for a travelling fairground. They meet and they end up getting to know each other better. Most of their dates are GeoCaching adventures, however it’s not the nerdy guy’s choice, but the cool girl who is into it. They find a few caches together, he gets a bit beat up by her bad guy boyfriend, but in the end they all live happily ever after! I thought it was quite a positive portrayal of GeoCaching. They went out doing it and got to like each other and had a good time. There was nothing negative in there at all. Anyway, the first cache in the film that they find together is underwater. She dives in and grabs it. I hadn’t thought of putting a cache underwater before watching this film, but it’s given me inspiration…

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The secret to painting tupperware cache containers

We had a great day caching out in Chelmsford yesterday. The aim of the day was to get 24 caches to reach our 500th find and we did it 🙂 Very happy!

Looking very pleased with our 500th find!

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More DIY containers

So, with a little help from my dad and his trusty drill I have 4 more DIY cache containers. They are mega cool…

These must be the world's biggest pine cones! I need to paint the tips brown or something though as they are coloured.

I found this golf ball whilst out on a cache trip! I've seen these done online but thought it would be way more fun to make my own!

I've been trying to find a stick this size for ages to put my cache in, but my Dad came out on top and found this one! The perfect size!

I can’t wait to lay these! Tomorrow I fly off to ‘La Palma’ an Island in the Canary Islands. There’s a cache there within 5 miles of the resort that I’m going to go to with a non-geocaching friend of mine (However she’s been on a few cache adventures with me in the past so I wouldn’t call her a muggle!) When I get back from holiday I can’t wait to hide these little beauties! See you in a weeks time! 😀

DIY cache container #1

I had a great idea for a cache container I could make whilst browsing an online reptile shop at the weekend. They had coconut shell caves for lizards to hide in. A whole coconut cave was £3.99. I thought this would be great for a cache, but then remembered that coconuts are pretty cheap (57p from Tesco infact) so I grabbed one…

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