Caching around Wimpole Estate

We’ve had a rather quiet year of Geocaching so far. Mainly due to being so busy organising exciting Mega Essex things, but also because of the bad weather. With the weather brightening up and sunshine in the sky we had a few really enjoyable trips out grabbing some locally placed caches.

Wimpole Estate is a beautiful area owned by the national trust with Wimpole Hall inside. You have to pay to enter the hall, however, the rest of the estate is free to walk around and the National Trust have encouraged Geocaching there by hiding their own caches in the grounds. We’d enjoyed quite a few caches that the National Trust had hidden before, so thought the short series of 6 caches would be a good one to check out on Bank Holiday Monday.

Caches around Wimpole Estate

Caches around Wimpole Estate

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Bank holiday caching in Cambridgeshire

We’ve had a rough few weeks weather-wise in the UK, but with the bank holiday weekend starting 5th May approaching we kept our fingers crossed for good weather. We didn’t mind a bit of rain, or a few showers, but we just hoped that we wouldn’t have another experience like that when we were in Melton Mowbray when we could barely even do drive-by’s!

On the Saturday we headed to Cambridgeshire to do a couple of new Poshrule series: King’s Cliffe and Apethorpe Agadoo. We were so pleased that we went out despite the fears of rain as both were great series, each with some lovely features. We started with King’s Cliffe, a series of 30 caches over 8 miles with 3 extras along the way as well. To get to the first King’s Cliffe cache we had to pass by an old watermill. There was a very loud gushing sound of water which we could hear as we walked by. There was a gap in the wall where we could peek through and see the mill in action. It was very dark inside!

A peek inside the watermill

We crossed over the stream and were able to get a good view of the mill. The stream was very high, nearly at the top of the bank from all of the recent rain.

Looking back at the watermill

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Going underground for our 10,000th find!!!

After all of our fun in the US we were left at about 75 caches away from our 10,000th find. We thought long and hard about the cache that we wanted for our milestone, after all 10,000 couldn’t be just any old film can! We still needed to get the 74 other caches though so on Saturday 21st April we headed just north of Cambridge for a couple of walking series…

Alconbury Amble

Alconbury Weston

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The first caching adventures of 2012

Monday 2nd January

Our first caching day of 2012 was 2nd January. We have a selection of stickers that we place in logbooks when we find caches and I had designed a new selection for 2012 so I was very eager to go and put them in some logbooks!

2012 cassandy stickers

We headed north east towards Mildenhall, for a series placed in the Forestry Commission owned Mildenhall Woods. There were 3 short series plus a night cache in there and the plan was to get the timings right so that we finished the 3rd series just as it got dark so that we could do the night cache…

On the way to the series we stopped off for 3 quick caches along the river. The sun was shining and as soon as we joined the river 2 swans came and swam past. They ignored us though. Although the first cache was just a little one contained in a glass spice jar, the second two caches were in very decent sized containers and I was very pleased that I could use my new stickers to sign the logbook (It’s the little things in life…)

The swans passing by

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Caching on International Geocaching Day!

Saturday 20th August was the 1st International Geocaching day (Hooray!) however, I had a family wedding to attend so couldn’t do much caching (boo!) However, I couldn’t let the day pass without finding at least one cache! I hope everyone had a nice Geocaching Day and was able to get out and find a few caches to celebrate! 🙂 Anyone who has logged a cache on that day should soon get a souvenier added to their profile.

Saturday – International Geocaching Day!

Along with Teddy I headed off to do the RAF Hunsdon series, situated around the old airfield. There were 4 caches around here, 2 multis and 2 puzzles. The first cache, RAF Hunsdon started off by requiring that you get numbers from the airfield memorial. In addition to this you also needed numbers from an unrelated cache about 4 miles down the road. I found this very strange as the memorial had plenty of numbers on it to work out coordinates. Luckily I still had the numbers from this cache that I found about a year ago. Off I went to find the memorial to get the coordinates for the cache. It was about 0.75 miles to the memorial, and it was a very sunny morning. It wasn’t long before we had reached the track which used to be the old runway.

The old runway

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Donkeys, Stepping stones and Steam trains (Oh My!)

Last weekend and this weekend we headed up to Peterborough to knock off some more poshrule trails. We are gradually getting through them, although I’m sure some new ones will pop up when we’re least expecting it! 😉

I’ve got a bit behind on blogging recently as there is so much going on at the moment. This entry encompasses two weekends and includes our visits to Castor Canter, Poshrule’s Perambulate, Woodnewton Womble, and Nassington Nobble cache series…

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Sunny caching in Cambridgeshire

Old Weston

Hooray! The sunshine came out this weekend, but unfortunately it didn’t make my geodog happy! 😦 He spent the entire duration of Friday and Saturday sulking about something. He didn’t want to eat, drink, play, go walkies, and he certainly didn’t want to join us on Saturday to go Geocaching (Which is quite unusual for him) Thankfully he came back to life on Sunday, however on Saturday we just went it alone.

Not a happy doggy!

We started off with a recently laid poshrule series, Old Weston Outback. A nice stroll of 26 caches over 5.5 miles. We started off with blue skies and golden corn with some lovely views into the distance.

Sunny views across the corn

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