HOW TO: DIY Halloween Cache Containers

Halloween is just around the corner and despite it not really being a big holiday over here in the UK, it’s a holiday that I enjoy. Every year I always make Pumpkin soup to celebrate, and this year I thought I’d hide a couple of spooky caches. Even though it’s not all that big here there are still plenty of halloween goodies in the shops. Now, of course, you can buy your halloween caches, however in my opinion they are a bit pricey (The most expensive I’ve seen being a skull for £15!) For me, “creative containers” are pointless if you don’t make them yourself. For the massive sum of 38p I am now the proud owner of a Skull cache. So here’s how you can make one too…

The Trick

The 38p skull I purchased was from ‘Wilkinsons‘. I couldn’t believe my luck when I picked it up and it was hollow. Perfect for a cache. I’ve also seen some hollow pumpkins, squeaky rats, spiders, or bats. Any of these are potential caches, you just need a container and a drill. I also used some ‘Gorilla Filler’.

Your tools!

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