Caching in Amsterdam

On Thursday 16th August we headed across to The Netherlands with Yorkie63, Geotrowel, Doggywalker, HollynCharlie, MummaD, Riskt4ker and bonustown for a long weekend in Amsterdam. Although it was mainly meant to be a general, fun weekend away with our friends, as we were all Geocachers it would have been rude not to do some caching as well!

Our Dutch friends carsim97 kindly held an event for us in the hotel that we were staying the first night in in Rotterdam so that we could have a Mega Essex Roadshow event there. It was a fantastic success and we got to meet many local cachers.

The following day we headed into Amsterdam and nipped around the city grabbing caches. Our first stop off was at Sporen van vroeger #1 (Amsterdam) where we found that the best way to look unsuspicious was to crowd round in a big group so nobody could see what we were up to. 😉

Our first cache in Amsterdam

Our first cache in Amsterdam

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