Tree climbing, angry cows, and decomposing logbooks

We went on a cache run today, and had quite a few adventures! It was a nice day out, the weather was not too hot and not too cold, just perfect. We decided to give a tree-climbing cache ring a go and surprisingly did quite well! I only climbed 1 out of the 3 trees we found caches in. There were 2 more but we assessed them as being too tricky and needing a climbing rope (Or monkey) to get to them. I enjoyed my climb! I was always too chicken as a kid to do any climbing, but dived straight up there today! Very satisfying!

Monkey Cass!

In other news, we’ve all heard about cows trampling people down trying to protect their babies. I didn’t believe it until today…

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Caching in Guildford

I went with my brother and mum to Guildford today (A 170mile round trip!) for my brother’s graduation ceremony. They were kind enough to let me hit two caches. Conveniently the ceremony was in Guildford Cathedral where a church micro cache was. A 500ft stroll from the Cathedral whilst we were waiting to enter for the ceremony took us straight to it.

I am extremely proud of my brother for what he has acheived. He studied a Bachelor’s in Computer Sound Design, and as much as I hate to admit it (as he’s my brother, sibling rivalry and all that!) his work is outstanding.

University of Surrey, Computer Sound Design class of 2010!

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Earth caches and more cache bag essentials

Today we went for a trip around Hanningfield reservoir (just south of Chelmsford). It was a lovely day out and we bagged 17 caches in the 10mile walk around it. We did however underestimate the time it would take and expected to be finished around 1pm, but weren’t done until 4pm. Unfortunately we didn’t take any food with us, but fortunately there was a cafe with some lovely bacon sarnies on the way round! They kept us going strong until we got back to the car. This leads me on to a new summer cache bag essential…

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