HOW TO: DIY Halloween Cache Containers

Halloween is just around the corner and despite it not really being a big holiday over here in the UK, it’s a holiday that I enjoy. Every year I always make Pumpkin soup to celebrate, and this year I thought I’d hide a couple of spooky caches. Even though it’s not all that big here there are still plenty of halloween goodies in the shops. Now, of course, you can buy your halloween caches, however in my opinion they are a bit pricey (The most expensive I’ve seen being a skull for £15!) For me, “creative containers” are pointless if you don’t make them yourself. For the massive sum of 38p I am now the proud owner of a Skull cache. So here’s how you can make one too…

The Trick

The 38p skull I purchased was from ‘Wilkinsons‘. I couldn’t believe my luck when I picked it up and it was hollow. Perfect for a cache. I’ve also seen some hollow pumpkins, squeaky rats, spiders, or bats. Any of these are potential caches, you just need a container and a drill. I also used some ‘Gorilla Filler’.

Your tools!

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My first Earthcache (“The Leper Stone”)

Our earthcache The Leper Stone (Newport Sarsen Stone) has just been published! 😀

After reading sumajman’s blog post about hiding his first earthcache I was suitably inspired to get off my of bum and sort out the listing for the one I had been planning to do for months.

I had initially delayed doing it as I had read on forums that people had real difficulty getting earthcaches approved as they were very strict on permission. But in sumajman’s blog post it seemed like he hadn’t had a problem. Right, time to get this idea in motion! I carefully did a write up and thoroughly researched it. On Saturday we were passing the spot on our way to London so armed with the GPSr and the DSLR for the day I was able to grab some coords and some good piccies and submitted the cache on Sunday.

I received an email from the reviewer a day later as there was a problem. My questions seemed a bit too easy and the reviewer thought you could get away with not visiting it to answer all questions. Also, my wording of taking a photo of the stone was slightly bad as it implied that I required the person’s face in the photo. I amended this so it’s a photo of the person with the stone, or a photo of the GPSr with the stone. No requirement for a face! 😀 I also changed one of the questions.

So let me educate you all a little bit about what our earthcache is.

The view facing Newport

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Rowney Wood Ramble now active!

Hooray! Tonight our ‘Rowney Wood Ramble‘ trail has just been published. This one had been in the planning for quite a while as we had to wait a week for permission to be granted from the Forestry Commission. I’d agreed with the Forestry Commission that to prevent any damage to the woodland the caches wouldn’t be hidden more than a few feet from the path. It’s therefore not the most exciting trail, but it is very easy. The thing that is quite exciting about it is the animals, plants, and mushrooms that are in the woodland, so I’m hoping that cachers will be able to see a few exciting things out on the trail. I spent quite a while working on the descriptions and uploading photos. It’s crazy how long submitting trails can take and once you start hiding big ones of your own you start appreciating the big trails others hide even more! […]

A map of the trail

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Asking for permission

Last Thursday we scouted out a new trail for our next set of hides. It was in a Forestry Commission owned woodland and therefore requires special permission from them for caches to be placed there. The same thing applies for SSSI’s and National Trust owned land. I think a lot of people are put off of placing caches in these sorts of areas, however just because they are owned by these organisations it doesn’t mean you can’t place caches there, in fact I think it’s a darn sight easier to get permissions to place caches there as you can easily get contact details from their web sites. You just need to ask […]

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The first maintenance run

Right, now all the dust is settled, everyone is happy, everything is sorted, let the blogging commence…

Last night we went on our first maintenance run along our Walden Wander cache trail. Teddy needed a nice long walk and one of the finders mentioned one of the caches had blown off into the open from it’s hiding place. It’s been pretty windy in the area recently, so I’m not surprised. The cache itself was a film cannister hanging on a very short nail head on the back of a fence. It was hanging on a piece of string. So we quickly knocked up a replacement micro with a piece of strong wire attached and took that with us along with a hook ready for replacement.

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Our first hide – success!

Success 🙂 Our first hide was well received and looks like I did everything right! I submitted the Walden Wander (GC2DF6A) series at 9pm Sunday night and they were published early on Monday morning! That’s some very fast work from the reviewer. We had 2 cachers out Monday evening after their FTF’s. One got 8 FTFs and the other changed tactics after they realised another cacher had logged #1 so they diverted and grabbed FTF’s on #10 an #9! Clever 🙂

I got some nice comments about my coords (the thing I was most paranoid about!) as well as a few about some hides being clever and my boxes well camouflaged. I was a bit evil and hid one under wood and then under dead leaves which was mean, but I don’t imagine it will stay under the leaves, that was just my sneakiness for the FTF!

In the evening we went for dinner near Harlow with friends to the Plume of Feathers (There is a multi there where you need to get clues from outside the pub so we did that before going in! Hehe!) Just when we were tucking into our dinner an email popped up in Sawbridgeworth, on the way home! So at 10:30pm we stopped off for it. It was dark, but we had a few torches. We spent half hour searching for the b*oody thing! There was nowhere to hide a cache and nothing obvious and we knew we had the right spot as it matched the clue. We expanded the search just incase the coords were off but that didn’t get us anywhere either. In the end we called it a night. When I went to log a DNF I found that one of the people after our series tonight had been there before us. They logged a DNF too and we both came to the conclusion that the cache couldn’t have been there! From his profile picture the CO obviously worked at the garage where the cache was hidden just off of (behind a sign for their garage) and they only had 6 finds. It was the same reviewer that had been quick in reviewing ours so my theory is he didn’t think the cache would get published so soon and planned to drop the container off this morning on the way to work. I emailed him (nicely!) to ask what’s going on.

I know you have to be nice to newbies and I’m not p*seed off about it as some may get. As someone who waited until 900 finds before submitting I couldn’t imagine hiding one after my 6th find! I wouldn’t have a clue! I will keep my eye on it and see how it unfolds. Maybe give him a few pointers. I know of a nice young lady with a fab blog on caching who has a great article on hiding your first cache!!! 😉

First hide and first TB (Finally!)

Tonight I finally got around to submitting my hides for publication! Woohoo! I was a bit of a perfectionist and took time preparing the containers and making everything look good. We took 3 coord readings and a final check of the coords today to drop off some TB’s. I think the containers have been there over 3 weeks now and they seem quite comfortable in their surroundings.

It was quite nerve-racking submitting my first ever cache. I kept checking, and checking, and checking that I’d enterred the correct coords into the website! I think I got it right in the end. Just time to play the waiting game now. I wonder who will be first to find! 🙂

I also activated our first TB today. It’s Dave the Duck! He’s in the 3rd cache on the trail of 10. So hopefully he can go for a bit of a journey around caches!