Teddy’s first find (Well, kinda…)

Looks like all the caching out with us has *finally* got Teddy, our Geodog finding caches. I found a blue-lidded film cannister in a drawer tonight and placed it on the floor by the sofa so I didn’t forget about it. Teddy immediately ran up to it, stole it, and ran off! Now if only I could get him doing that when we’re out caching it’d save us loads of time (OK perhaps just the finding, not just the running off bit!!!)

'Mum, mum, I've found the cache!'


Duplicate logs – When is a find not a find?

When you’ve logged it twice, you silly cow!!! *sigh*

When I uploaded ‘My finds’ to http://www.mygeocachingprofile.com (great site by the way, do check it out!) it told me I had 1229 finds with 1227 distinct caches. WHAT? I scanned through the entire list and couldn’t find any duplicates. I did the same in GSAK. I couldn’t find any duplicates. To the rescue came ‘Cache stats‘ which I always thought you had to pay for but it’s free! Yay!

I immediately uploaded My Finds to cache stats and bingo! Two duplicate logs that I hadn’t seen! 😦


This is very sad news as it means our 1000th find wasn’t. It was our 998th find and the 45mins searching for coords 100ft off in the dark weren’t as special as we thought. However at the time it was special and to me that was our 1000th find. So, it is and it will always be our 1000th milestone even though the numbers aren’t quite the same. That’s what you get for logging on the iPhone! At least in the future I’ll know how to check for duplications!

iPhone 3GS Solar Chargers

Now that I’ve started caching further afield I decided that I would need to keep my iPhone well juiced in order to help as a backup GPSr. The maps and live connection to geocaching.com are a real help! As we decided to go camping I decided a solar charger would be the only real option, however there weren’t any “official” solar charger solutions and I’d read reviews of cheap ones frying your battery! Eek…

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My first hide

Hooray! Today we spent a fair bit of time getting our boxes loaded up ready for hiding and we even had enough time to lay them all down this afternoon.

We’d already found good locations on Friday afternoon and taken some coords. Today we grabbed a second set of coords whilst laying and they were pretty close so it’s all good news. We will grab a third, and final set of coords and then hopefully submit it in a week or so. Hopefully it won’t get muggled before then! Watch this space!

Camping food

After our last camping trip we started thinking about some quick, easy and cheap meals we could have whilst away. We had a Vesta curry each one night which were a steal at 99p each, however took quite a while to cook and tasted a bit like dog food. So I had a look around at the special “camping foods” that exist. I thought they were quite pricey for what they were, £4-£5 each pouch.

Then I stumbled on some food that I’d seen in the Supermarket before. The range is called “Look what we found” and is apparently available in most supermarkets, but I’m yet to find it in Tesco. I have found the best place is Waitrose and today paid a visit and stocked up on 3 different pouches: Chili con carne: £1.99, Spag bol: £1.99 and a Lamb hotpot: £2.99. Also for £2.99 was some beef stew, and Meatballs. These can be cooked on the hob, or boiled in the bag. You will have to add a carb to have with them, but I think some of that rice in pouches, fresh pasta, and crusty bread for the hotpot would help produce a cheap meal in under 5mins that actually tastes half decent.

You can find the products on MySupermarket here. (Click Sainsburys or Ocado as you won’t find anything under Tesco). Alternatively you can order them online from Look What We Found! or The Jolly Gourmand. The online stores charge about £5 Next day delivery postage, but they have quite a variety to choose from!

Teddy picks which one he wants for dinner

Geocaching Wallpapers

I was trying to decide what photo to set as my iPhone wallpaper when suddenly I thought “I wonder if there are any GeoCaching wallpapers?” and sure enough there are! And they are official groundspeak ones!

You can grab them here. There’s a Stonehenge one for us UK cachers. I’ve never been to Stonehenge but it’s definitely somewhere I’d love to go. I wonder if there’s a cache there… Scrap that, I bet there’s a cache there! 😉

My iPhone home screen now has signal on it! 🙂

The future of GPSr’s?

Wowza! I think I caught a glimpse of the future of GPSr’s today when I saw the Delorme PN-60w on the Internet. It’s released in the US at the end of the month and I can’t find any UK sites yet that are promising it (There aren’t that many Delormes around in the UK anyway).

The reason I think this sounds so amazing is it promises something that I don’t think any GPSr device features at the moment… The ability to upload your logs, connect to Facebook, twitter, send text messages, etc. When I heard about this initially I thought it was a bit too good to be true, and it kind of is…

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