UK Mega 2015 – The 8th Annual UK Geocaching Mega Event


After the original Mega 2015 East of England committees disbanded, the host for the 8th Annual UK Geocaching Mega event was up for grabs. With bidding finishing on 31st March for a new host myself and a few other Essex caching pals decided we would form a committee and bid for it. We won the bid!!!! I am delighted to announce to my blog readers that the UK Mega 2015 will be hosted in Essex. We are absolutely thrilled and so excited. We’ve all been working super hard this month as due to the previous problems we now only have half the usual time to fund raise and organise it!

Please head over to our website at to meet the committee and see some of the fabulous attractions and caches that Essex has to offer. We are still working round the clock to develop the site and add more content. This is just a taster of things to come!

You can also head over to our Facebook page at and “Like” the page for all of the latest news, or you can follow us on Twitter at @GeoUKMega2015 too.

There are still lots and lots of exciting things to come! 🙂


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