The Halloween MEGA 2013

After the huge success of the “Halloween Hides and Creepy Caches” event going MEGA last year, the organisers arranged arranged yet another spooky Halloween MEGA event for this year. I headed to Salcey Forest with Andy750x to meet up with many of our caching friends for a day of Creepy caching!

After registering with “The Fuzzy Bears” at the main centre we were able to grab the list of cache hides for the event. We teamed up with mel-ray, stones2005 and Helennbrian. Thankfully Mr. Stones2005 had brought his laptop along so were were able to quickly download the caches rather than manually type in all of the waypoints!

Welcome to the Halloween Mega!

Welcome to the Halloween Mega!

The fuzzy bear crew!

The fuzzy bear crew!

We soon headed off into the forest to hunt out the hides. A lot of effort had been put into making the caches and there were some fabulous creations. My most favourite of all the day caches was the Teddy Bear’s Picnic.

Cass and Sienna with one of the many containers

Cass and Sienna with one of the many containers

Spider web hide

Spider web hide

You wouldn't want to go for a picnic with this bear!

You wouldn’t want to go for a picnic with this bear!

Other than the great caches, a real highlight of our day in the forest was the ‘Tree Top Way’ where we were able to climb steps and walk along platforms built 15 metres about the ground, way up high amongst the tree tops. With the “Crow’s nest platform” being 20 metres up it was quite unnerving being so high up!

The platform through the trees

The platform through the trees

Don't look down!

Don’t look down!

To make it even more special the halloween crew had put a very spooky cache container at the very top!!!!

Team Spooks +1

Team Spooks +1 (Picture © Helennbrian, 2013)

Looking through the tree tops

Looking through the tree tops

At the bottom of the Tree Top Way entrance was a big pond named ‘The Elephant Pond’ which had been set up as the Muddy Mammoth Monsters earthcache. Apparently during WWII, elephants from circuses were used to fell trees in the woods. This pond was used by the elephants at the end of the day to bathe.

At the Elephant Pond

At the Elephant Pond (Picture © Helennbrian, 2013)

After a stop off at the forest cafe for a refreshment our team finished off the rest of the caches in the forest before heading back to the centre for the fancy dress competition. I hadn’t made the effort this year to get all dressed up as I can be scary enough as I am!😉 However there were some great costumes on show from others who attended the event.

Fancy dress competition

Fancy dress competition (Picture © Helennbrian, 2013)

The little monsters

The little monsters (Picture © Helennbrian, 2013)

We were really looking forward to the night caches for the event as we had a good idea of what to expect after attending last years event. Once we were given the waypoints I quickly input them into my GPS and we all whizzed off up the road to find them. The night caches, like the day caches, were really spread out amongst the woods so it wasn’t as simple as a circular route around to grab them all. I think by the end of the day we must have covered about 20 miles on foot in our mission to find all of the new caches. We were even lucky enough to get an FTF on Billy Bones!

Grave danger?

Grave danger?

An electrifying hide!

An electrifying hide!

There's the cat, but where is the witch hiding?

There’s the cat, but where is the witch hiding?

Don't wake up Murry!

Don’t wake up the mummy!

Creepy ammo can night cache

Creepy ammo can night cache

We were well and truly worn out after our epic day in Salcey forest, however ended up finding all of the new halloween caches plus some existing ones so we were very pleased. We totaled about 80 finds for the day. It was a very long day, but such great fun was had finding such interesting containers! A big thank you to all of the organisers who made such a fun little event possible, and to our friends for the lovely company on the way around! We will definitely be back next year!😀

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  1. John Stewart Says:

    Brilliant account,thanks Cass.

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