Underground, Overground, Wombling free…

After Christmas I headed down to Wiltshire to find my favorite caches once again, it was of course the Below Aboves. This time around it was to accompany The Wombles, Womble Jr, and Buddha_Belly along with the CO, BareClawz whilst they found The White Bird, The Fallen Monarch, and Multi 2.

Although visiting the quarries for the 3rd and 4th times, I still enjoy the underground exploration very much. As always, I enjoyed sliding through a section of one of the quarries through a section called “The Letterbox” which meant sliding head first on my belly down a mud slide. Dave of The Wombles grabbed a picture of me doing it this time around and has kindly said I can add it to my blog entry:

Me sliding through the letterbox

Me sliding through the letterbox about to travel down the mud slide

Although I had found The White Bird three times before, this time was quite special as inside the cache was a Signature Womble! πŸ˜€ For those of you who don’t know what one of those is, in order to find Wombles Signature cache you need to get lucky and find 2 signature wombles which are randomly distributed in caches around the area. One womble will have the Northings on the tag, and the other will have the Westings. There are many wombles around the area so you have to hope that you don’t find two Northings for example! It was a bigger surprise because we were with the CO and womble distributor at the time as well, and he had no part in putting the womble in the cache! I grabbed the womble and hoped that one day I would find the other womble somewhere so that I could get the cache coords.

After our underground escapades I headed with BareClawz to find his 1000th find. He’d been sitting patiently on 999 cache finds knowing that I had planned a very special secret cache to celebrate his milestone. The cache was ‘Knock Knock‘ which has 50 favorite points and was suggested by a few cachers as a worthy milestone cache. It definitely didn’t disappoint! I’m afraid I can’t show any pictures, or talk about it as I would spoil it for others, however I’ll say that it’s an amazing, very clever cache. I have no idea how it works, and have never seen anything like it before!!! I’ll also say that if anyone is in the Wiltshire area, this cache is a must do!!!

There was also a big bonus to BareClawz getting his 1000th find on this cache… As the Tupperware box magically appeared there was a womble nose pressed up inside peering out at us!!! Could it be the half that we needed, or would it be the same coords as we already had? We got massively lucky and it was indeed the womble that we needed! We had been extremely lucky to find two on the same day!

The signature wombles riding with BareClawz's 1000 achievement coin.

The signature wombles riding with BareClawz’s 1000 achievement coin.

The following day we decided to try and find the Wombles Signature cache as we were fortunate enough to have kidnapped two signature wombles and we headed off to find it. On our way there however, we stopped off for a couple of other caches including Shrewton Mystery which was hidden near an old bunker. There were two entrances down, however unfortunately neither had a ladder so I couldn’t go wombling just yet! πŸ˜‰

Unfortunately these two entrances had no ladder

Unfortunately these two entrances had no ladder

Shrewton bunker

Shrewton bunker

It was then on to the Wombles Signature Cache. We had to march through some very swampy ground to get to it and jump a couple of streams as well due to the recent rain and flooding making the ground very hard to navigate. However when we found the cache it was well worth it! It was huge and full of swag!

Our signature wombles meet the one already in the cache

Our signature wombles meet the one already in the cache

A HUGE geocoin inside the cache

A HUGE geocoin inside the cache

I took with me an Orinoco womble back pack which I put on. Jumping the streams to get back with a womble strapped to my back was pretty amusing!!!

Whilst in the area we also had a go at 802.11b WiFi, a cache also owned by The Wombles. This cache certainly appealed to my inner Geek as you needed something capable of picking up a wifi signal to get the coords. To my surprise this worked very well on my phone. The cache itself, however, was much more stubborn and took a great deal of looking and a fair bit of help from the CO in order to locate it. It would have been a lot easier if the area wasn’t totally flooded though. It was great to find such a geeky cache. There are quite a few Wifi caches in this country, although I believe this was the first. A list of some Wifi caches can be found here including one in Essex and one in Somerset.

The following day we visited caching friends The Wobbly Club so that my Orinoco could meet their womble, Bungo which is also a TB. We also met their Scruff-Bags TB who was dressed up for Christmas complete with Reindeer suit and flashing antlers.

Bungo and Orinoco reunited

Bungo and Orinoco reunited

Scruff-bags the Reindeer

Scruff-bags the Reindeer

All in all, a fantastic trip down the Wiltshire, some fantastic caches and some lovely company to go along with it. πŸ™‚


2 Responses to “Underground, Overground, Wombling free…”

  1. Annemarie Halls Says:

    Hi Cass; it was great to read another one of your fab caching blogs. Thanks for the link to my cache too. Happy hunting. πŸ™‚

  2. Ken Brown Says:

    Good fun Cass…never come across anything quite like it πŸ˜†

    I’m from north of the border so I expect someone has done similar with Haggis!

    Enjoying the blog :D. Began my own this week but was surprised to find a distinct lack of geocaching blogs in the uk with none (that I’ve found) in Scotland! Have you come across many yourself?

    I’m at http://www.chime13.wordpress.com – feel free to drop in although there’s not a lot there yet.

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