GSAK 8 Beginners Guide

I’m a couple of weeks overdue with this post, but on 22nd September I presented a GSAK for beginners event. Those who didn’t attend the event were promised that the user guide I produced to support the presentation would be available through my blog at a later date.

So, you can download it from here.

The guide covers setting up GSAK, loading PQs, sorting and filtering, exporting data, database management, adding data to cache data, using the GSAK 8 API, installing and running macros, and a few useful macro suggestions.

An example of a couple of pages in the guide

Enjoy! 🙂 Do feel free to drop me any questions or comments below this post!


32 Responses to “GSAK 8 Beginners Guide”

  1. CraftyKel* Says:

    I downloaded this from the Essex Geocachers group on FB before the tutorial event, unfortunately I couldn’t attend, but this guide is awesome! Very clear, well laid out and VERY useful, anyone with questions about GSAK and what it can do should read this guide!

  2. CraftyKel's Geocaching Blog | Geocaching Swiss Army Knife Says:

    […] it can do myself so I can’t write an in-depth guide, however, there is an excellent guide here by Cass that explains many of the basics of what it can do and how to go about learning more. Share […]

  3. gaz_zippy Says:

    Just downloaded for a look, been using GSAK for a while but there is always a “I didn’t know you could do that moment” that these guides inform you of 🙂

    As always an excellent blog post.


  4. Ian Cole Says:

    Despite using GSAK quite some time I still learnt about some new features that I’m sure will be useful. Thanks for all the work that has gone into this.

  5. liz Says:

    Thanks for your work! I found a link on Facebook to your blog. This is going to be very handy!

  6. Munzee « Geocaching with DS8300 Says:

    […] had just downloaded Cass Flower’s well written beginners guide to GSAK and was leafing through to see if there was anything new I […]

  7. Derek Says:

    A friend directed me to your GSAK instruction guide. I have only been using GSAK for a couple of days and was really struggling. I am working my way through your instructions and it is very good indeed. Beginning to make sense now. Thanks a lot.

  8. Stuart Tares Says:

    Thanks Cass. I was going to write up something as I had been asked by a few people on the Geocaching East Midlands Facebook page but I have taken the liberty at pointing them this direction

  9. jane Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your instruction guide. I love gsak but since getting my new gps I was really struggling to get it to load properly from gsak. Learned several new things but will take things slow and implement them as I need to. Lots more to learn! Hope things are going well for you!!

  10. Trushoo Says:

    Very very useful manual for beginning with GSAK. Thank you so much for that work.

  11. diogomgafonso Says:

    Hello. I´m from Portugal.
    I met your Gsak 8 beginners guide during this afternoon and i dont know what can i say. It´s incredible how nice and useful it is.
    Some previous weeks ago, I installed Gsak on my computer, but i never used it cuz i did not make any idea how i could.
    This guide became my life pretty easy and improve my geocashing quality!


  12. TeamPanda Says:

    This is awesome! Thanks much for this great guide! I learned about gsak from your posts about it a few years ago and came back to see this gem of a guide! Keep on Caching!

  13. littleblkdog Says:

    This guide is really outstanding! Thank you very much! GSAK is great but you just made it better. TeamPanda told us about this and it was everything they said it was. Definitely going to point my friends to this.

  14. Mark Says:

    Love your GSAK guide. It’s the most comprehensive I’ve read to date. Will be pointing a few people to this link in our little community. Thanks for all the effort.

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    […] going to be a geeky one! A big thank you to the comments and emails I received following my GSAK 8 beginners guide blog post. I’m delighted that so many Geocachers have got to grips with GSAK after reading […]

  16. fredr1c Says:


    Thanks for this great guide. I’ve just started using GSAK and it’s great to have a clear, well-written document that covers all the stuff most geocachers would like to do with this incredible tool. Reading your document is much more enjoyable than searching through GSAK Help or googling for answers.


  17. Ralph Says:

    Thanks for this Cass
    I’ve been using GSAK for a long time and thought I knew it pretty well but I realise that the upgrade to V8 has sort of passed me by. I only decided to read it after getting a more modern GPSr for Christmas. I have used the GC access to download PQs but nothing more. This has opened my eyes to the things V8 can do that I’d never bothered to discover for myself.

    Ralph (G4UYG)

  18. Nancy Says:

    Thanks very mutch for this guide. We are beginners from belguim.

    greetings Nancy

  19. Dave harding Says:

    I know I’m missing out on something but until I’ve had a good look and had a play about with GSAK and my GPSR I won’t know but your guide will certainly help.
    Thank you for your hard work. Dave.

  20. Richard Cooper and Jack the spaniel Says:

    Thank you very much for this guide. I have been using GSAK for a few months for some basic tasks but now I feel confident enough to explore more of its capabilities.
    Regards, RichardandJack

  21. Gareth Says:

    Downloaded your guide as i knew i was missing out on a few things on GSAK. Learnt quite a few things that I didnt know existed so its a very good guide will be recommending it to anyone who cares to listen!!
    It doesn’t seem enough but thanks for the work you have put into this.

    Also agree with you on your musical choice, you can guess how I got introduced to Deep Purple a friend started humming Smoke on the Water from then on I was hooked.

  22. Jamie Says:

    Thanks for this I really appreciate it. I have just bought an Oregon 650 and need to learn more about GSAK in order to get some meaningful data and geocaches on to the device. Fingers crossed

  23. Nutty & Evil Says:

    Thanks for this Cass,
    I thought that I was pretty good with GSAK, in fact I keep a database of every cache in the UK and Ireland that I haven’t found (over 180,000) mainly becauseI never know where I am going to end up at work, and even I found a couple of tips in this to help me keep it up to date
    Nutty & Evil

  24. Sarah Says:

    Hi Cass I have just downloaded GSAK V8 and not being a computer geek, I am struggling. I had heard that your guide was good but I’m afraid the download link (above) is not working for me. Are you able to send it to me via email, please

  25. John Mason aka RonnJohn Says:

    Hiya Cass, I recently installed GSAK and have been going through your intro. This has been most informative and has given me a good grounding in what is a very deep program.

  26. Vic French aka Frenchboy. Says:

    Hi Cass,

    Just downloaded your GSAK Guide. Many thanks for producing an excellent document. Just installed a new PC, so thought I’d use GSAK rather than the basic Easy GPS I used to use.

    Regards, Vic French aka Frenchboy.

  27. Paul Says:

    Just downloaded a copy – it was mentioned on the ‘How to Use GSAK geocaching’ Facebook page, so you may have a short increase in activity. Looks like a great guide – thanks for sharing it.

  28. Gunther Says:

    Hi Cass,

    Thanks for your gsak guide. I downloaded it and am now reading it. Thanks for sharing ! Greetz from Belgium.

  29. Erik Says:

    Thnx, for this beginnersguide. I just downloaded GSAK and was searhing for a easy guide to get started and landed and your page. Thnx

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