Caching in Suffolk and Northamptonshire


On July 28th we stayed close to home, but decided to travel from Essex to Suffolk. We were tempted by a series around Belchamp Water, Belchamp Water Circular.

We were pleasantly surprised by the series as the paths were brilliant, unlike some of the overgrown areas that we usually experience on summer caching trips. I’d even go as far to say that we could have walked the series wearing shorts! The paths were well marked and well cut, and an absolute pleasure to use.

Through the fields

The series passed near the grand Belchamp hall, which I went to take a look at. There was the sound of peacocks coming from the gardens as we hunted for a nearby cache.

Belchamp Hall

I’d looked on Geograph before we decided to attempt the series and I was pleased to see we’d be passing by an excellent photo opportunity at Jessie’s Birthday Cache, “Belchamp Folly” which was built purely to be an eyecacher from Belchamp Hall. We’d spotted the folly in the distance when we found Folly View along the road before starting the walk. Close up, however the folly was far more magnificent!

View of the folly

Belchamp folly

Looking up

After completing the series we stayed in the area and picked up a few drive-by caches. There was one in particular that we were glad that we stopped off for, The survey boys’ boat race No.2. The cache was hidden near a bridge, and just as we were about to jump over the bridge to get to GZ, we spotted a snake! He was curled up and resting just down the side of the bridge!

Grass snake taking a rest!

It stayed there whilst I went and grabbed the cache, but when I climbed back over the fence and jumped down onto the bridge he must have felt the vibrations as he slithered off shortly after that. I’ve only ever seen a live snake out in the wild once before, so it was a nice thing to see!

We finished off the day with the Sewer Badgers series before heading home.


On Saturday 4th August we headed to Northamptonshire for two series that looked extremely tight on the map, Benefield Gallivant, and Causin’ to the wind. Each series has 20 caches and is joined to make a figure of 8. My GPS measured the route as 6.32 miles, which is an incredibly short distance for 40 caches!

The series started out with a very nice tarmac’ed path that passed through two fields, quite a surprise.

A wonderful path

Some of the other areas on the walk were boggy and muddy, but on the whole it wasn’t bad at all and we even bumped into a couple of other cachers who were doing it in the opposite direction, dakar4x4 and FreeWillCachers. Once of the nicest sections of the walk was when we passed through a field of wild flowers with bees and butterflies buzzing all around.

Through the wild flowers

After lunch we headed off for some drive-by’s with the plan to do another series after that, however the rain stopped that and we continued with just drive-by’s. One of the nicest caches that we stopped for was The Round House which was a lock up built around the 1700’s. You could see the small vents in the top of the building. Unfortunately we couldn’t find the cache, but it was at least a nice place to find.

The Round House

We finished the day with 64 finds, a really enjoyable day of caching, despite a fair bit of rain!


2 Responses to “Caching in Suffolk and Northamptonshire”

  1. oldweeb Says:

    I was jealously admiring the ancient ruins (as we have none in S Calif). And then I googled “sham folly.”

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