Donkeys, Stepping stones and Steam trains (Oh My!)

Last weekend and this weekend we headed up to Peterborough to knock off some more poshrule trails. We are gradually getting through them, although I’m sure some new ones will pop up when we’re least expecting it! 😉

I’ve got a bit behind on blogging recently as there is so much going on at the moment. This entry encompasses two weekends and includes our visits to Castor Canter, Poshrule’s Perambulate, Woodnewton Womble, and Nassington Nobble cache series…

Saturday 6th August

On Saturday 6th August, a team of cachers in Peterborough hosted Peterborough EvenTTT which marked the launch of the “Team Twitter Trail”. This is a series of around 150 caches which have been placed by various members of the team on roads and bridleways around Peterborough. The idea is that each team member looks after their section of the trail to ensure that it is well maintained, a bit like the ‘Skeg to ness series’. The event meant that we had a chance to meet our newest favourite cache hider, poshrule. What a lovely chap!

As we came to the area for that event, we thought it’d only be right to head off for some poshrule series in the area. We started with Poshrule’s Perambulate which was also a chance to try out my new Garmin Montana for the first time (Review coming soon!). This was a series laid by poshrule to celebrate his birthday and 2000th find which consisted of 19 caches over 3.5 miles. There were some really nice hides, with more larger containers than other poshrule series. They were also quite full of swag.

The series took us over the fields near Warmington. Like most of the poshrule trails we were never far from views of the Morborne Transmitter. There was one set of cows, but thankfully in a MASSIVE field and they were over the other side. It was just a case of dodging the cow pats rather than any big stampedes!

Golden fields, soon to be harvested

Cows - At a distance I am comfortable with!!!

There were some great areas on the series where the grass and wild plants had been left to grow freely. There were many dragon flies and many varieties of butterflies enjoying the area.

Sloe berries

Nasty little thistles

Big thistles in the wildlife area

Between series we grabbed a few drive-by caches including poshrule’s relatively new Denton Donkey’s – Phone home. From the parking location to the cache you walk past a field of 2 donkeys. As we walked past they let off the loudest, longest scream! They were very friendly donkeys and welcomed the fuss from us as we passed. We couldn’t help but linger around for a while making a fuss!


Definitely enjoying the fuss!

Our second and final series of the day was Castor Canter. Again this took us for a lovely walk around the fields. I was quite excited on the way to cache 5 when we bumped into an unexpected bench mark sitting next to a horse chestnut tree. I hadn’t seen one quite like that before. Looking it up on the Bench Mark Database shows that it is “Castor Fundamental Bench Mark“. Although I don’t really hunt bench marks, it’s nice to see them every now and then and know what they are.

Castor Fundamental Benchmark

The series took us through a golf course where there was just one guy on the driving range. Unfortunately the footpath went straight through there! We decided on this occasion we wouldn’t stick to the footpath. I don’t think he nor us would have appreciated it! There were some pretty high and wobbly stiles along that stretch of the circuit.

Conquering the huge stiles!

After completing both series we finished the day on 4498 finds. Well! We couldn’t end there and decided finding two more caches to take us up to our 4500th find was an absolute must. Our 4500th find was a nice, but easy puzzle by fluffy-chick, called Quick Response. It was a regular container and despite being one of the easier puzzles, I’ve been really enjoying fluffy-chick puzzles recently so it was a good cache to grab for our milestone.

4500th find

We finished off with a couple of drive-by caches including Langley Bush which I thought was an excellent spot for a cache. It was hidden at a stone placed to mark where a hawthorn grew on a circular mound at the junction of four parishes: Ufford, Helpston, Upton and Ainsworth. Looking on the map you could see where the four boundary lines came together. This is the kind of cache that I really love. I know many would just think of it as a quick cache and dash, but it takes you to a place you would never have known existed otherwise. It would be so easy just to drive past and think of it as just a big rock at the side of the road.

The Langley Bush Rock

Langley Bush Plaque

Sunday 7th August

On Sunday we headed off to the Woodnewton Womble series. Along here there were 33 caches over 8 miles as well as extras. This makes it the longest poshrule series so far so we grabbed our picnic, and plenty of water for Teddy and set off in the Sun through some potato fields!

The path through the potatoes

Potatoes everywhere!

It was a very hot morning and by the time we got half way around we were all feeling it, Teddy included. The hot weather meant that a lot of wildlife had come out to play and we were treated to a variety of butterflies, dragonflies, and other assorted insects.

Hot dog!


Cabbage White Butterfly

There was one particular infamous extra cache on the series that everyone who has done the series will remember: Sneaky – The Box As I write this it has 69 finds and 122 DNF’s! It’s a tricky little blighter and after 15 minutes of searching we added our name to that list of DNF’s 😦 The idea is that the cache is hidden somewhere in the hole of a big old oak tree covered in crevices. Even after PAFing and being told exactly where we should put our hand we still couldn’t find it. I think a chainsaw is necessary for that one! 😉 Teddy wasn’t impressed with the standing still whilst we searched and was keen to move on. He was a good boy though and understood that we had too have a good, long search!

Nearer the end of the series we reached a river with the decision of “What side do we go?” thankfully poshrule had put in a waypoint to put us on the right path. Did we follow it? Nah! We ended up on the wrong side of the river. It was ok. It’s a tradition! 😉 Teddy was pleased however as it meant that he got to find a spot where he could go for a paddle.

That doesn't look like such a bad idea!

We ended the day with 45 finds and just the one DNF. We did try to grab a cache in a phonebox in Fotheringhay, the little village next to the series however some man was painting it! Despite it being an unused phonebox it seems that the village likes to keep it nice and shiny! We visited it before and after the series and both times the man was painting it. We decided that one will have to be found another day!!!

Trying to think of an excuse to get in the box. 'Mind if I... erm... make a phonecall? What? There's no phone in there? Erm... Erm...'

Sunday 14th August

After a rainy day of puzzle solving at home on Saturday, we set off up to Peterborough again to tackle some more caches. We started off with some of the TTT trail. We started off with the 0700 section of caches which range from 0701 to 0713. There was a nice selection of different hides, with some custom caches thrown in to confuse me (I don’t think I was quite awake when we started!)

After the drive-by’s we hit Poshrule’s Nassington Noble series. I was quite surprised by how lovely this series was. It ran along a river and encompassed some really nice existing caches.

The view down the river

One of my favourite caches was Nene Way – The Old Stepping Stones. This was placed where there was a single stile leading to the river. Once upon a time there were stepping stones across the river, however the river has risen and they are now impassable. There was a big, official sign that said so!!!

The stepping stones - well and truely submerged!

I love the fact that there is an official sign!

The stile to nowhere

There were some lovely views of the river along the first section of the trail. The water was crystal clear. We looked down from one of the bridges and could see hundreds of baby roach swimming in the water. After the river section we headed up to the Nene Valley Railway for some Thomas and Friends caches. There were three caches near this trail so we went along that part of the steam railway to pick them up. There was a nearby station, Yarwell Junction near the first of these caches. There was a very quaint station building.

Yarwell Junction Station building

The station sign

We carried on up the line and saw the signal box and the old mail exchange. We read on an information board of how they added mail bag exchange apparatus to transfer mail quickly to and from lineside and train. The apparatus was still there.

The signal box

Mail Exchange apparatus

On the way back up the track we suddenly heard a train coming. The trains don’t run all that frequently along the Nene Valley Railway, so we were lucky to see one. The train guard spotted us walking past and engaged in a chat about what the railway used to be like when he used to ride on it as a boy. I guess we just looked interested as he was the one who approached us to talk. It was nice to hear a little extra about the history of the railway, even if we hadn’t bought a ticket!

We were lucky enough to see a train!

The caches along the railway were our most favourite. They were caches we probably wouldn’t have wandered along to if the poshrule trail hadn’t taken us nearby. I was surprised that the caches had very few favourite points despite having many visitors. We added favourites to all.

The second half of the trail took us past a lot of old war bunkers. These were made to feel very authentic as at the same time a plane was dropping parachutes near by. We saw at least 15 falling from the sky as we walked along.

One of the many old buildings on the walk

Despite DNF-ing the last cache of the series we had a fantastic time doing this poshrule series. It’s my 2nd favourite poshrule series now (after Sawtry Saunter when we saw the Red Kites) the quaint little railway and the lovely stroll along the river really did make this series stick out from the others and is one that I’d definitely recommend.

We only have 2 poshrule series to complete and after that we will have made a very large dent in the 500 cache hides that he now has. It’ll be a shame when we run out of poshrule caches, however I’m sure there will be more to come and in the meantime we have the TTT series to keep us busy!!! 🙂


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