Changing to UK date format on

I think I may have missed the latest update to having been in the Peaks when it happened, however when I got back I noticed that we had the ability to change the date format for our logs. This means that today (15th May) is no longer 05-15-2011, but 15-05-2011, or even 15-May-2011, depending on what you prefer. This may have existed before, however I didn’t notice so thought I’d share as there will be no “Caching Adventures” blog entry this week (I’m all blogged out! ;))

So, if from your Profile section you select ‘View your account details‘ then scroll down to ‘Your Preferences‘ you’ll see the ‘Date Format‘ option.

Date format in Your Preferences

Now from in here we have a drop-down box with a whole new range of date formats.

Quite a few date options now

And now we can log our finds with our chosen date format:

Logging with a different date format

Unfortunately the stats page ignores our date format preferences, but at least it’s updated in the logs.


2 Responses to “Changing to UK date format on”

  1. Goulbourn Says:

    Thanks for writing that up – I’d not noticed the change, and its always been a bug bear of mine.

  2. Bendos Says:

    v useful Cass and now changed. Sorry to have missed you last week.

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