Caching around Essex and Hertfordshire

We stayed close to home on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, but still managed to get out and grab some caches…

High Fields

Just down the road from us is the recently published High Fields trail. This took us across the fields near Great Dunmow, Essex over 6.5 miles for 13 caches. I must admit that after the day before when we were spoilt with 35 caches over 7.5 miles it did seem quite a trek for these 13! It was, however worth it for the special location at cache number 8… A secret bunker! It was constructed for the cold war in case of a nuclear attack. After we found the cache we thought we’d be daring and peek inside. We didn’t go down the ladder though!

The outside of the secret bunker

It's like season 2 of Lost!!!

We were a bit tired by the end of the trail after all of the miles the day before, however Teddy was his usual, lively self and enjoyed rolling around on the grass whilst we rested our feet on one of the benches.

You gotta roll with it...

A trip to Billericay/Basildon, Essex

On Wednesday we headed south to Basildon to do a very special cache in the afternoon… however first we headed around the fields to do Mamma Mia, Here I go again. This was a nice trail of easy caches where we found 10 over 4.5 miles. The highlight of the trail however, was a cache hidden by schoolfrenz and The Kitty Cachers called X-X-X. The views from the location were just stunning and GZ was covered in big, old logs which were great to climb over and take a rest on. It would have been a lovely picnic location.

Big, old logs

Great views

It was then on to the main cache that we came here for… Grimmerscotting’s Wherigo, The Devil’s Porridge. I think I’m partially to blame for Mr. Grimmerscotting spending so much time working on this wherigo, as I believe I inspired him with my recent blog posts on Building wherigo cartridges. I’m just glad the article helped someone! 🙂

This wherigo took us around a country park where there once was an explosives factory which was used between 1888 and 1920. Mr. Grimmerscotting added some nice personal touches to the cartridge where the virtual tour was conducted by his great grandfather, who used to work there. The wherigo was full of great photos and details that the information boards didn’t cover and we really learnt a lot on our trip there. It was a lovely addition to the park, because we probably wouldn’t have paid much attention to the information boards if we went there without realising the special site’s history. We would have probably got very lost following the trail if we didn’t have the wherigo to guide us around!

An interesting sculpture in the park

The drying stove

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take many photos of the area whilst doing the wherigo as I was using the iPhone for photos and to play the wherigo and battery was running out rapidly. The wherigo had 22 stages and took us about 2 hours to cover, but it was worth it in the end and my phone just about lasted. We had to do a bit of bush whacking to get the final (and got a bit nibbled by gnats!) but after a little rummaging we uncovered the great stash. If I could place more than 1 favorite point on a cache then I would pile 100 onto this one! 🙂

Got it!

Back to Basics in Stevenage, Herts

On Wednesday we headed off to Stevenage to pick up a few caches. We started off with a special cache called Your Mission. This cache was quite a special one in that it requires quite a lot of stages and a lot of hunting to get to the final. I asked drsolly (who has found 19000+ caches) at the last Essex meet which his favorite cache ever was and Your Mission was his answer. We completed the first stage, but the next will have to wait. The wood was absolutely beautiful to walk around though and covered in blankets of bluebells.

Bluebells in the wood

Our next stop was Back to Basics 2 which was a trail entirely of small/regular/large stashes. No micros!!! We walked about 5 miles for 11 caches. Every single one was an absolute pleasure to find as all were well stocked and well camo’ed. It was clear that a lot of work had gone into the series. One highlight of the trail was seeing a field of little piglets running and chasing each other around. I just wish I’d brought my better camera to take some photos of them as they were so cute. 🙂


One of the caches on the trail really made us jump as just before GZ there was a tatty old scarecrow propped up against a huge pile of logs. It really gave us a fright as we thought it was actually a person standing there!


We walked through our first cow field of the year on this trail. After a few incidents with cows charging at us and from hearing other cacher’s tails of cow encounters we really don’t look forward to walking past them. These cows, however were about 100m over the other side of the field and didn’t pay any attention to us so we managed to pass through without getting chased… this time anyway!!! It would have been worth the running however with the lovely big containers that we found at every stage of the trail.

Looking pleased with this 'large' stash

That’s it for my blog for a little while. We’re off to the Peak District for a week tomorrow for some action packed caching. Hoping to go up some trees and down some caves, oh and up some massive hills!!! There will, of course, be a blog entry when we return. Happy caching!!! 🙂


4 Responses to “Caching around Essex and Hertfordshire”

  1. Annemarie Says:

    Have a great trip in the Peaks. My daughter lives in Sheffield and goes caching in that area. We recently did a great series just off J31 on the M1 – Rother Valley Country Park (RVCP) and she did one today off J35 or J35a on M1 – WMW near Wentworth. But I am guessing you are going further West for your adventures? Come back safe and sound – we want to hear all about it. 🙂

    • geocass Says:

      Thanks very much Annie! We’ve done the RVCP one, we did that last year when we were staying in Nottingham. We enjoyed it too, a little trickier without hints but we found them all! 🙂 Were staying near Glossop in the high peaks area. There are so many great caches up there I think we should have booked a month up there!!! 😉

  2. sumajman Says:

    Great pics! The bluebells are beautiful. I can’t wait to visit the US this coming week and find some ammo cans. I haven’t seen one in South America yet. That bunker is cool.

  3. Hobgoblinkiteflier Says:

    There’s a cache near me which is hidden inside a bunker. We had a good look around the surface before we twigged that it was beneath us. The code is GC1V2YX.
    From the logs of people that have found it, you can see it is at least knee deep in dirty water. Maybe when we have run out of caches, I will borrow a pair of waders and return…

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