Caching around Colchester

On Saturday we fancied another caching trip close to home as we didn’t have time to go further afield. We noticed on our caching map that the area around Colchester looked pretty plentyful as it’s not somewhere we visit very often. We were attracted by a short trail around Lexden Spring Nature Reserve. We’re always tempted by these as nature reserves and country parks usually make a lovely walk. We definitely weren’t disappointed with this area as it was a beautiful place to walk around. The birds were singing and we heard plenty of woodpeckers in the trees as we passed through. I think it helped that it felt absolutely scorching outside. By 9:30am we were walking around in T-Shirts!

Entrance to Lexden Springs

Flowers growing in the reserve

Whilst grabbing the caches in the ‘Lexdon Springs and Gathering Grounds‘ trail there were also others near by that we were able to walk off to get. We probably were a bit inefficient with our walking around as a lot of the others could have been done as cache and dash’es by moving the car, but it was a lovely day so we enjoyed the walk.

We grabbed a couple of earthcaches from around the area, they were Camulodunum Defended! and Camulodunum Protected!. These took us to see the banks that were used to defend the area in the iron age.

One of the defense banks

The path between the banks

The highlight cache of the day, however, was VERTIGO. This was a 4 difficulty, 5 terrain cache up a tree. It was in a lovely wooded area where we could hear many birds singing. I’d read the cache description and was quite dubious as to what it would be like for that terrain rating, however it wasn’t too bad. The tree itself was leaning diagonally so it wasn’t a straight climb. This made it a lot easier than it could have been. There were also a lot of branches along it so you could not only get good footing, but you could have something to hold on to. It was a very long tree, however so before ascending we made sure we could actually spot the container. After a lot of looking we eventually saw a tiny black bison! We argued as to who was going up (Both of us wanted to do it!) but I won in the end. It was a lovely tree to climb, possibly not as hard as others of the same difficulty/terrain rating, but it was nice for once to fill in a square without worrying that I might die! 😉 It was such a lovely place that we stopped on a nearby fallen tree for lunch. I must admit that it was so relaxing and peaceful that I could have stayed there all day!!!

The wooded area near VERTIGO

Me up the tree!

To finish off we went to do a short trail of 4 caches, Cherry Tree Quick Ramble. This took us to another lovely area with birds singing, wild flowers, and a trickling stream.

There were many gorse bushes in the area

The blossom is still hanging on to the trees

We were a little bit worried walking around however, after noticing the interesting sign at the entrance!!!


Thankfully nothing exploded on us, but we did experience the ‘Troops training’ bit as we were actually unable to get to cache #1 as there was a group of 25+ air cadets in the woods. They had big bin liners and looked like they were gathering sticks and logs. We got to 100ft of GZ and they were just all over it. There was absolutely no way we would have managed to get the cache without being noticed, so we decided we would leave that.

Unfortunately we had to cut our caching day short as we were absolutely knackered! The unexpected heat really caught up with us so we headed home to relax. We will be ready for it next time though!


3 Responses to “Caching around Colchester”

  1. Ben Brown Says:

    And you didn’t call in for a cup of tea – how disappointing! lol

  2. oldweeb Says:

    I like the warning sign; straight to the point. Here in the U.S., threats of fines and imprisonment for violators would be longer than the actual warning.

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