Caching close to home

Caching around Cambridge

This weekend we had to stay close to home as we had a few errands to run. We decided to pick up a few caches near Cambridge on Saturday. We stayed on the outskirts rather than venturing too far into the center as Cambridge traffic (and parking!) can be an absolute nightmare at the best of times. Our first stop was a cache called Obelisk. We checked the location on the OS map and saw a marking for ‘Obelisk’ on it as well, so we were entrigued as to what it may be and just had to find out. The cache was a nice big regular and afterwards we ventured over to the Obelisk. The Obelisk was erected in memory of Greory Wale who died in 1739. It was at an unusual location, on a hill in a field, but according to the cache page this was a significant place as it was a place where Gregory Wale and his friend James Church used to meet. There was a pact between them and they decided that whoever died first would have a momument erected for him by the other.

The Obelisk

Next we headed off to Geo Hauxton and Rushing Water. These were two caches that were very close to each other and located near the old mill at Hauxton. It was a lovely spot for a cache and the Geo Hauxton cache was one that was placed by the BBC. There was a collection of caches hidden in the area by the BBC around this time last year (I was the first to find on a couple! 🙂 ) however it seems that they have abandoned them as they have been adopted by another Geocaching user. It was a lovely cache to find however, as it was in a very high quality container, one of those official Geocaching ones that cost a bomb and are water tight and padded inside. Very nice!

Hauxton Mill

The bridge by the mill

It was then on to grab a few caches along the Cambridge Guided Busway. This is a guided bus route that runs around Cambridge, however it was meant to be completed absolutely ages ago! I think there is at least another year left until it’s finished, which is good news for us as there are quite a few caches set on it that we need to pick up before it gets busy! The first along here was BEYOND THE ORCHARD and took us past a nice community orchard, and a few chicken coops. Teddy was quite interested in the chickens!!!

One of the many coops

We followed the Guided busway down to Busway – 1803AD.

Teddy... If youre waiting for a bus you will be there a while!!!

The next stop was a big park in Coton. There were 3 caches here that we picked up over a 2 mile walk including Coton Past, Spiney Bridge (Too far), and a puzzle that took me a very long while to crack, East Cage. Teddy enjoyed stretching his legs and going for a run around the area.

Lots of space to run around

We finished off around Histon/Impington for 4 tight caches, including a nice one for Impington Windmill

Impington Windmill

Caching in Landda

On Sunday we stayed quite close to home as well. A new trail had been laid earlier in the week, Little Landda loop. This was a 13 cache loop around 4.5 miles. I’d heard from others that the cache owner’s coordinates are often a bit off, and sometimes 100ft off. We’d found a couple of theirs in the past, but not experienced too many issues so we remained sceptical. We bumped into a man walking on the way to the first cache who said he’d seen two other pairs of walkers along this stretch this morning and asked if there was a sponsored walk. We denied all knowledge of everything and suggested perhaps it was just a nice morning for a walk. He agreed and passed by. We then got quite excited that we may bump into some other cachers. It took us a few moments to find the first cache, and once there I noticed the GPSr said 70ft off. Eek, but not too bad. We checked the logbook, but there were no other names, so we carried on along the fields. On the way to the next cache however, we did bump into a couple who had a GPSr. They introduced themselves as Andrew&Barbara. They had found cache #2 115ft off and were returning to #1 to widen their search area after not finding it. I passed on the coordinates I had taken for it to them to help their search. We carried on to the next couple of caches which had good coordinates. Cache #5 was the worst however. We searched for about a minute and I then read previous logs which said 290ft off!!! YOWZA! We relocated to 288ft away and bingo! I took coordinates and added them to my log. The CO has now updated his coordinates to mine, they rely on maps and google earth to get the coordinates, so you can understand why some of the caches are a bit off.

We soldiered on for the rest of the walk, it was really just 4 caches that proved to have bad coordinates, the rest we managed to find easily as the hints were really good. The paths around however were wonderful and we really enjoyed the walk around. It was a nice loop, which after a few visitors have been and corrected the coordinates will be a great walk.

The view over the fields

Some interesting coloured ducks

Through the woods

Kelvedon station

Past the vineyard

We finished off the day with Church Micro 1628…Kelvedon (John Moss Church) a very cute, quaint little building.

John Moss Church

We finished the weekend finding 32 caches. A nice relaxing weekend which for a change didn’t cost too much in petrol!!!


One Response to “Caching close to home”

  1. Hannah Says:

    300ft out!!!
    That has to be some record!
    WHy not just borrow a friends iphone or similar for the morning?
    We set a new series this week and we used 3 GPS units to get the co-ords; it wasn’t that hard to get accurate ones.
    Oh well, looks a nice walk though!

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