Caching with friends for our 3000th find

On Saturday we had planned a big walk with mel-ray and bendos around a local trail that had not long been published, Round the Teys. It is a circular walk of 30 caches over 9.5 miles. We followed the day with a few extra caches, which turned out to actually be a lot of extra caches as we managed to reach our 3000th find a day earlier than we had planned…

Colne Valley Path marker

Round the Teys

We started off at cache #23 as it looked like parking was good and walked the trail to cache #30, then onto cache #1. We got to cache #1 and I noticed a very familiar looking name in the logbook: andy_uk63. In the distance we could see a single person in a beige jacket walking away from us. “That must be Andy” we all thought. We whistled and shouted “ANNNDDDDYYYYYY!”, but he didn’t look. We walked quickly to where he was heading and in case he got away, and just to ensure he didn’t escape I ran all the way to te next GZ where the beige-coated man was hunting around suspiciously. At GZ we found not 1, not 2, but 3 cachers! It was andy_uk63, kevanjue, and agrajag2007 (The man in the beige coat). I hadn’t noticed the other names in the log book so it was a lovely surprise. It was also a great place to find other cachers as it was a tricky little blighter to find. Even with the now 8 pairs of eyes it took a good 5 minutes before it was revealed by agrajag2007!

We moved on in our geogang. The sun was shining and it started feeling very hot out there, but that was brilliant! It was lovely to chat with other cachers as we went along. I’d met kevanjue before at a meet, but only spoken electronically to andy_uk63 (Hi Andy, if you’re reading!) and agrajag2007 was from out of the area. We carried on along the Colne Valley path, over the railway tracks and along the fields.

Over the tracks

Follow the cacher trail...

At one point it got a little confusing as we passed through a farm that wasn’t very well marked. We managed to get back to the footpath though.

Chickens in the farm yard

We passed through the village of Great Tey which had a lovely village sign which was absolutely striking with the sun illuminating it.

Great Tey village sign

And whilst we were there we picked up a church micro, Church Micro 1107… Great Tey St Barnabas

Great Tey Church

It was absolutely brilliant to do the trail with so many others. Sunshine and great company! I don’t think there’s much more that you need on a caching trail. We found all of the caches successfully. It was quite sad to say goodbye to the others at cache #22, however they still had the rest of the trail to do and we still had many hours of caching left!

Bendos’ Caches

Next Bendos took us to find some of his caches. They were The Flashing Blade, Tiswas, and Noggin the Nog. My favorite was the Tiswas cache as it was huge! I think after hearing me moaning about micros so much recently he knew I’d like it! 😉


Caching in Maldon and Heybridge

Next it was mel-ray’s turn to take us to some of their caches (We were being very spoilt today!!!) After a quick pit stop at their house for some coffee and cake, Ray kindly chauffeured us around the area whilst Mel stayed home to rustle up dinner for the evening.

Our first stop in Maldon was DriveBy – Beware! Billy Goat and was our most favorite cache of the day. It was at a private farm shop that they had got permission to hide at. In the car park there were animals everywhere and they were very friendly, the geese even tried to peck Ray’s bum whilst he was tying his shoelace. I did my typical “Ah! I’m scared” girl thing when the birds came a bit too close for comfort!

Animal farm!

The cache was actually hidden in the tractor, which was absolutely awesome! I tried to say hello to Billy, but he was very busy chewing his box!

Maybe I should have brought some food for him!

It was then on to Nice Lillies, an area with a huge fishing pond. If you go to GZ at the right time, the pond is filled with lillies, however there weren’t many sprouting just yet although you could see that they would soon be out.

No nice lillies, but nice ducks instead!

Next stop was the sailing club for the cache Salty Marsh.

The sailing club

Stuck in the mud?

We then headed to Heybridge for a few caches including, Heybridge Basin, Heybridge Hall Lake, Basin Lock and mel-ray’s Letterbox hybrid Hey! Bridge. It was a lovely walk along the sea. A nice change to see something other than fields, mud, grass, and horses! 😉

The defender

Heybridge basin

A fierce looking cache guardian!

An interesting addition to the garden!

The Hey! Bridge letterbox cache site

Ray was doing an excellent job of being a tour guide and telling us about the area as we went from cache to cache. The next stop was Maldon town where we parked up near the front and took a stroll to Byrhtnoth’s Last Stand, SWAN LAKE, and DriveBy – Little Ship Complete with mini boat cruises, a couple of pubs, a model boat lake, a swan lake, a huge playground with a pirate ship (that I wanted to play on!), and cafes selling ice cream this area would definitely be a muggle hotspot in the summer. We definitely came on the right day!

A buoy near the sea front

Swan lake

View of Maldon

By this time we were getting very close to hitting the 3000 milestone! We needed 58 caches this weekend to do it, and we’d planned to get 30 on the Round the Teys trail, 10-ish in Maldon, and then a few on Sunday to finish on the 3000, however when it got to 5pm we only needed about 3 more, so Ray kindly took us to a few more caches to finish us off! Cache and Dash: Tree Surgeon #3 / Viewpoints #5 was an absolutely brilliant tree climbing cache. It was a very safe tree to climb as around the back it was hollow with a step up to the taller branches. You needed a small bum however as you had to squeeze through a tight crack! I managed to just about squeeze through and grab the cache!!!

Tree climbing Cass!

And then it was on to mel-ray’s Elms Farm Park multi-cache, which was a lovely big tub to finish the day and get our 3000th find!!!!

Our 3000th find!!!

We had an absolutely brilliant day of caching. It was lovely to go around in such a big grounp on a trail, and very kind of bendos and mel-ray to take us to their caches so that we could find them. We hadn’t expected to get anywhere near our 3000th find, however we were very grateful as it meant we could have a lay-in and a rest on Sunday!!! After our lovely day of caching we retired to mel-ray’s place along with bendos for an amazing dinner that Mel had cooked. What a lovely day of caching with friends! 🙂


3 Responses to “Caching with friends for our 3000th find”

  1. wingclipped Says:

    Gratz on your 3,000!

  2. ErikaJean Says:

    Congrats on your milestone!!

  3. oldweeb Says:

    3,000 in your first year – truly impressive – Congratulations!!

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