Caching on our 1 year Geocaching anniversary

Caching in Sussex

Saturday was our last day of our first caching year, so we thought we’d go out with a bang and headed to Sussex with mel-ray, squirtchy, and new addition to the group, bendos. We headed to a loop of caches which run from village to village around Horstead Keynes, Scaynes Hill, Ardingly, and Lindfield. This was a 14 mile loop that gave us 80 finds with squirtchy reaching his 400th find, and mel-ray reaching their 4000th find. A big congratulations to them.

Scaynes Hill village sign

It was a nice loop near where the bluebell railway runs. We passed over bridges above the tracks twice on the loop, however missed a great photo opportunity of the train by about 20 seconds (That’ll teach us to stop for a bite to eat!) The steam train was a lovely sight and we heard its whistle many times as we walked around.

We waited at the bridge for the train. Sadly it didn't come!

The majority of the trail was film cans ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I didn’t mind it too much today as it was all about the long walk, but it would have been nice to have a few bigger caches here and there especially as many of the locations would have accomodated something a lot larger. There were a few addtional caches on the way around, however which were small or regular, so these were quite exciting to find.

Very impressed by this high quality container

Time for a cuppa? Yes! It was in the tea pot!!!

Along part of the series we walked along an old railway line and bagged the cache Old Stations of Surrey & Sussex. The boys went in and made a quick find!

Got it!

It was a tough walk in some parts, although there weren’t many hills there were plenty of stiles which I’m sure got higher as the walk went on! Ray, however, found an easier way to get past them! ๐Ÿ˜‰


We bumped into some interesting animals on our way around as well. There were some nice horses who liked apples, some very cute ponies, a flock of sheep that charged at me and some “guard dogs” when the footpath went through a garden. They weren’t very scary though and liked the fuss. We gave them some biscuits to keep them sweet!

Aww, good doggie!

A healthy dinner for the horse


GET HER! I hear she has carrot cake in her rucksack!

It was a nice day of caching weatherwise as there wasn’t any rain and even though most of the day was overcast the sun still popped out a few times, like when we were doing Church Micro 210 – Lindfield.


I even caught sight of the first daffodils I’ve seen this year. I love spring, it’s probably my favorite season so this was a nice reminder that one day, eventually, possibly soon the weather will get a bit better!!!

First sign of spring

It was a lovely day out, and always much more fun to go in a big group. We ended the day with only 1 DNF which I’m pretty sure is gone. We nearly managed a clean sweep of the series, however the DNF didn’t spoil the lovely day. After some lovely refreshments we said goodbye and returned home with very aching feet!!!

1 Year of geocaching

Although we were desperate for a rest after yesterday’s 14 miles that almost killed us, we just had to go out today to celebrate our 1 year anniversary. We ended the year with 2923 finds, slightly disappointed we couldn’t have finished on 3000 what with being so close, but as I’ve said before I didn’t want to turn the last few weeks into massive desperate number runs as things get miserable and boring when you do that!

At last…

We did however start the day off with a very satisfying find, one that we have DNF’ed 5 or 6 times, De Vere Trail C10. In desperation I’ve asked several cachers before where it was, but none of them remembered! One cacher, however was a real star and told me of the exact location. It was just a simple magnetic nano, hidden at a gate to a cemetary. Nothing clever about it, nothing exciting about it, and an obvious place that we must have found loads at before. I can only guess that all of the finger tip searches in the past have just missed the cache by about 1cm. Such a relief to find this one which we can stop calling “That bloody nano we can’t find at Castle Hedingham!” ๐Ÿ˜‰

At last!

Next we headed to Earles Colne to grab another few hidden by gillywig. The first was Up the Engines!, a puzzle that we had DNF’ed the other weekend. This was yet another satisfying find.

I think the cache is this way...

Earles Colne Heritage Museum was hidden at a nice location, next to an interesting sculpture.

The sculpture in the little garden

It was then on to On the button — Qualifying. We wrongly took the long route around the field to this one, which ended up in a complete disaster as Teddy decided to roll in fox poo. This wasn’t his usual case of rolling on a bit of smelly grass, it actually was a pile of poo. He was covered in it. He absolutely stunk, and as the day went on the smell intensified. At one point we considered tying him to the number plate and letting him run behind the car!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Spooky caching

Next we headed to a short trail hidden by geotrowel. It was hidden for halloween, so we were obviously quite late. There were three caches plus a bonus, starting with Familiar Prรฎmus โ€“ Bast through a nice little woodland. The story behind the caches was that a young couple had booked into a nearby B&B, popped to the pub, then tried to find their way back to the B&B in the evening, but instead found an old wooden shack where they thought it should be. Inside was a lady who offered to take them to the B&B. She turned out to be a witch and led them through the wood. Half way through the wood the guy disappeared and the witch took the girl to a spot where she saw dead bodies hanging from trees as well as her other half who was still alive, but gagged. The witches caldron bubbled away near by, and the girl was told that they were going to have her boyfriend for dinner…

As it was a spooky-themed cache, I thought I’d make my logs a bit spooky about our hunt around the woods. We saw a pack of animals… Wolves? No, they were deer. We heard horses approaching…Headless horsemen? No, just horse riders. We saw an old war bunker…The witches’ hideout? No, just a bunker, and we heard chainsaws. The Essex chainsaw massacre? Erm, no! Just some men cutting down the trees. We enjoyed it anyway, and the idea was a good one. The bonus cache, Witch was an exciting cauldron!

Careful Teddy, we might put you in there!

I do like the halloween/spooky themed caches, but it’s a shame they are quite seasonal and don’t get visited very often. Our Trick and Treat one is a good example, as that doesn’t get many visitors either. I don’t mind though, it was good fun to construct!

We grabbed a few more quick ones that were quite near the road side, and finished the day on a high with the brilliant USAAF Station AAF-168 Hanger Cache. This was placed next to an old air hanger which was absolutely huge! The cache was nice and big as well, so a great way to finish the day.

The massive hanger, it's about twice as big as this photo suggests

The sub station

And a nice big cache!

We hadn’t planned to finish so soon, however I can’t emphasize enough how much Teddy absolutely reeked after rolling in that fox poo. I just couldn’t bear it anymore so we rushed home to stick the dirty little rascal in the bath. We finished today on 17 finds, but that gives us exactly 100 for this weekend. So that was our celebratory weekend of caching. It’s been a great year. We’ve been to some great places, seen some amazing sights and most importantly met some amazing people. I hope the fun continues for the next year!

Happy caching everyone!!! ๐Ÿ˜€


9 Responses to “Caching on our 1 year Geocaching anniversary”

  1. Sarah Chaos Says:

    Happy cache birthday ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. stinger503 Says:

    I happy geocaching 1st birthday, I have my own 1st geo b-day coming up as well ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hannah Says:

    Happy 1st Caching Birthday! Nearly 3000 caches in your first year is absolutely amazing! We have 2 weeks until we hit the end of our first year though we’ll only have found 1800ish by then!
    Enjoy the second year and good luck hitting the 3k mark- do you have a special cache planned?

    • geocass Says:

      Thanks Hannah! ๐Ÿ™‚ Wow, you’ve done very well too! Don’t have anything special planned, I’ll have to see if there’s anything we can grab to make it a bit more special!

  4. Bendos Says:

    Happy Birthday Cass. Really enjoyed Saturday and surprised that I am still walking OK after it! LOL (If you know what I mean) Looking forward to doing the Tey route with you guys.

    • geocass Says:

      My legs are still recovering I think! I see (like us) you were out on Sun as we noticed your name and date in a cache we did. I think it was one of the lay-by ones! It was hard work getting out of bed on Sunday, but once we got going things loosened up! Lol!

  5. oldweeb Says:

    Congratulations on finding almost 3,000 caches in your first year. You are truly caching obsessed!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. (The Street Searchers) Says:

    Mucho congrats caching buddy ๐Ÿ™‚

    Dont forget to let me know if you are ever in sussex!

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