Hertfordshire Caching – Take 2

Today was a really good day of caching. We only got 18 finds, which is low compared to most other days, however we filled in 3 squares of our terrain/difficulty matrix. 3 in one day is amazing! To me filling this in is more important than any other milestones. We managed this by getting Climate Chaos: The solution (4.5d,3t), Can you? A ford to get your feet wet! (3d/4t), and Bongard Christmas Puzzles (5d,3t). And I must say I *really* enjoyed all 3 and have put them on my favorites list.

Our terrain/difficulty matrix now stands as follows. The highlighted ones are what we added today. Only 26 to go now…

Need to go up some hills to boost that terrain!!!

Climate Chaos – The solution

Last night I’d actually finished the climate chaos series final puzzle by solving the password to get onto a website for the final coordinates. Admitedly I needed the teeny-tiniest hint from the CO and then I got the answer immediately. I was convinced on one particular answer and I attempted to use it about 5 times, thinking it MUST be it, turns out it was it, I was just one letter off. Anyway, I was delighted to find that we could now go and get the final cache after the pain and suffering we’d been through to get this far! 😉 We then discovered it was about a 3 mile walk to the cache and back. Oh well, Teddy needed a walk (He’s knackered now, by the way!) and I just had to get this cache! Not only because it was the final one, but because it filled a terrain/difficulty square (Hoorah!)

It was however a nice walk to GZ and the cache was easy to find. Inside you get to take away a cool little crystal as part of your finders prize. What a lovely souvenir. On the way back to the car Teddy got a bramble caught in his fur. It was clear he wasn’t happy about it, but wouldn’t sit still for me to get it out. Luckily we always carry a penknife so we were able to cut him free. Poor Teddy! I had to help him out last Sunday too.

The end of an epic journey!

Caching around Standon

Next it was on to Chuch Micro 690 in Standon. I really liked this one because it was where the Standon puddingstone sits. I’ve always been fascinated in pudding stones, so was a top cache spot in my opinion.

What a strange shape

I didn’t realise how many fords there were around Standon. Today we found caches on 4 fords, 3 via the dry route and 1 via the wet route! Teddy liked Can you? A ford to keep your feet dry! because it meant he could go for a little drinkie!

How convenient!

We also did “The Lost Explorers” at another ford which looked pretty scary if you were stupid enough to drive through it!

Pretty muddy!

And then it was on to the trickiest ford, the one that involved wading in it. It was Can you? A ford to get your feet wet. Now, if you’ve been reading my blog for long enough you’ll know by now that I don’t do things the easy way. There is something programmed in my brain to ignore anything that may be simple, and take the most difficult, dangerous, or stupid route to a cache possible. So, I popped on the size 12 wellingtons (I think it’s their fault, they are cursed!) and went up to the deep ford.

Should have known we were asking for trouble when we saw the flood signs blocking off one of the entrances through!

I had an idea where the cache would be (The coords weren’t great) and ventured into the deep ford. I got to just nearly under the bridge when I saw that one step further would end up in very full wellies! Cassandy#2 came to guide me as it was obvious I was taking my time. With some good advice I crossed over the bridge and entered in the shallow end. There, much better! I checked at that end for a cache… nothing… so I waded over to the deep bit and checked everywhere… nothing. I then decided to climb up the bank to see if it was in some of the trees (And frightened the ducks off) nothing… All of a sudden there was a whistle from on top of the footbridge (Apparently whistling is better than shouting “OIT! I’VE FOUND THE CACHE!”) and there it was staring me in the face at the shallow end. Grr! This took me back to the 5/5 cache we did under the bridge in the Peak District that didn’t feel like a 5/5, but I made it into one by nearly falling into the river. This cache probably wasn’t a 4 terrain as it was hidden at the shallow part, but I made darn sure I made it into one!!!

Well Cass, it took you long enough!!!

Bongard Christmas Puzzle!

We then went on to a puzzle cache that I’d worked quite hard to solve. To solve it you have to solve a set of Bongard Puzzles (Basically you can to find the common factor between a set of images, check the cache page for ideas, they’re pretty hard!) it took me a couple of hours to crack all of the puzzles, but got there in the end. The cache was hidden in a great hiding place and was a nice big ammo can. I really enjoyed it. Great puzzle, great hiding place, great container. Very nearly a perfect cache…

Doing the deed

And a few more on the way to Ware…

We then grabbed The animals went in 0 x 0 at a place marked on the OS map as Noahs Ark. The cache container was really well hand painted.

Very artistic!

We left the car there and walked across a muddy, plouged field to ‘Pixxie Hideaway‘. Across the field I could feel the muscles in the tops of my legs working to the max whilst my feet got heavier, and heavier with mud. We were so relieved to be at the end of the field! The cache itself was an easy find and we continued on that path to another cache, Cousin’s Cache. This was a nice big ammo can in the woods. These hides remind me of the caches we found in our early caching days. Always a favorite with us. We managed to walk about 2 miles for these two caches, and returned to our car to find a little note on the windscreen “Please do not block this access. Hugo D. Page Croft” Oops! We were parked next to an open gate, there was no sign saying “no parking” or anything and the track didn’t go anywhere! Thankfully for snotty Hugo we’d done our bit and were moving on to block other access gates! 😉

Finally there…

Finally, we got into Ware. It had taken a lot longer than expected. We’d planned to hit a load of abihert’s caches (A fellow Geocaching blogger) however didn’t get very far and only managed a few. Our favorite one was the most recent hide, Widbury Hill Hotel. I’d received the notification for it last weekend when I was jammed under a bridge finding Climate Chaos: The Design! So it was a nice fresh lay. Teddy was getting a bit sick of finding ammo cans today though (this was our third). He really hates the noise they make when they are opened and closed. He hates any banging noise. I made him pose for a piccie with it all the same though! 😉

Widbury Hill Hotel

We grabbed a few more in the area before heading home slightly earlier than planned as it was getting dark and the rain was setting in. Poor Teddy had had enough of this caching malarky for the day and was absolutely pooped out (he still is now)

All in all, another great day of caching and we still have a nice lot in and around Ware for next time!


4 Responses to “Hertfordshire Caching – Take 2”

  1. Annemarie Says:

    LOL poor little Teddy not liking the noisy ammo cans. You are a wicked mummy. Did you know that the infamous Beamflote Beast is a D4.5/T4 – one of the terrain/difficulty matrix that you need. It may take some time to solve though – a worthy challenge for you now that you are becoming quite a dab hand at those puzzle caches. 🙂
    Really enjoying reading your blog. I think I’ll wait until there is less mud before I go traipsing across fields – it sounds like hard work – especially in size 12 wellies.

    • geocass Says:

      I have indeed looked at that beastie before and it looks like a lot of hard work! If it were nearby I would have attempted it, but who knows we may end up with that as the very last square we need to get and be forced to attempt it. 😉 Teddy was a good boy yesterday with the scary ammo cans. He got rewarded with a treat for posing in each picture, so I think it was worth the scary noises in the end!!!

  2. Abi Says:

    I love the picture of Teddy with my cache. I think I must have just missed you at Widbury Hill, I checked on the cache about 1ish. Cousins cache is my husband’s geocache!

    On the subject of the difficulty/terrain grid, have you had a look at http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=2d3f0c9f-236f-4243-8692-08f8b889793f? It’s a 5 difficulty terrain 4, I think it takes 2 days to complete and has a favourite rating of 13. Something I really fancy trying!

    • geocass Says:

      Oh cool! Didnt realise that about “cousins cache” it was a but exposed and you could see it as soon as you looked at the tree so we covered it up with a few more sticks.

      That puzzle cache looks good, thanks for sending it too me. Not too far for us so I might have to check it out and give it a go! 🙂

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