site update: 09-11-10

I always check out the latest release notes for site updates. You can read the full list here. I thought I’d add a quick blog post however as I’m quite excited by a couple of things they have mentioned:

  • A app for Windows Mobile 7 phones
  • Souvenirs can now be added retroactively so any that weve earned that haven’t shown up yet will start to appear in batches within the next few weeks
  • The ‘My Finds’ pocket query can be run every 3 days (woohoo!)
  • WYSIWYG text editor which allows a richer text editing experience where you can add smilies, links, and format text with ease.
  • A richer text-editor

And perhaps the most exciting bit is what they have said is “coming soon”: Stats, ratings, and maps. This could be the start of something good!!! 🙂

They’re still working on the site update as I’m typing it. I hope they are still ironing out the little bugs, because at the moment apparently no-one on the site has found any caches! lol!

Everybody is showing as 0 found on the logs!


4 Responses to “ site update: 09-11-10”

  1. Andy_UK63 Says:

    Thanks for the heads-up Cass – looks intriguing!
    I guessed they were up to something when I saw the note about the site going down for a little while.
    I can’t wait to see what they do with the Stats, ratings, and maps. Hope they sort out everyone’s found count on the cache pages soon though!


    • geocass Says:

      Maybe the “stats” they refer to is giving us our find count back! 😉

      I don’t like the WYSIWYG editor. It seems to put unnecessary spacings and code in log entries and the formatting of characters is ugly. Check out the notification I just received when someone logged a cache I’m watching (hopefully this will display as received and wordpress won’t correctly format the text):

      Found the cache on a wet & windy day;;

      The wood was a beautiful shelter. ; Container ;partly exposed and ;not exactly ;where we expected, but without a GPS that's not so surprising! ; Couldn't see any TBs and weren't sure about the grumpy message from the foresters (or whoever) in the log.

  2. Sarah Says:

    good news about the My Finds query….it’s a pain waiting a week to update GSAK.

    will be interesting to see what the stats and rankings are all about…

  3. ErikaJean Says:

    3 days!! Awesome!!

    I would LOVE to see the option to have stats automatically in or profile (or the option to) if we are a premium member…..

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