Supermarket (Cache) Sweep

Today we decided to pop up the road to Morrisons in Cambourne for a bit of a shop. Afterwards we couldn’t resist grabbing some caches on the way home around the area. We grabbed 8 in total, but had real fun finding them!

We stopped off for a cache that was positioned on a recently opened walkway over the A428, Hardwick Hangover. It was a very, very blue hang over! It took a few minutes to find it, but we got it after our search. I had to be very careful when replacing it that I didn’t drop it as it was a long way down.

Very blue

Got it!

Next we headed off to the Hardwick Church micro. It was on an old pump. Surprisingly quite a lot of places for a black film can, but we managed to get it.


Next was the Millenium Meander series which we attempted half of so we have the rest for next time. We started off with the multi, Millenium Meander III – Wood Wood which was a 1 stage multi with 2 easy hides. It was good to get into the muddy woods after being in London yesterday, and great to find a good sized cache at the end of it.

Hiding from the rain in the woods

We headed onto the next one, Millenium Meander IV – Where else? this meant crossing quite a long muddy field and we got covered in mud!!!

Heavy feet

The cache itself was extremely easy though as it had obviously fallen away from its hiding place (under a bridge) and slipped down the bank. The was laying lid-down in a swamp of sludge.

Oh dear!

I slowly lowered myself down the slippery bank, humming the Indiana Jones theme tune as I went (I’m not joking, I seriously was!) and retrieved the cache which was as I expected, WET! I drained it a bit and tried to dry it out. Luckily the swag and logbook were in bags and the logbook was just wet around the edges.

Indiana Cass

A wet cache

And then it was onto our final Millenium Meander. Another muddy journey to this one, but a good sized cache and a trackable as well.

An enjoyable find

Riding the wood

An then it was back over the muddy fields. We were again caped in mud, however it’s all part of the fun! 🙂

The muddy path back

We then headed onto a multi, The Last Post. This was at the Cambridge American Cemetary to comemorate American soldiers that died serving in WWII. There are 3,812 remains in the cemetary. Our task was to find Hyman Nathan and the year that he passed. The cache owner had given precise directions on how to find him, but after 15 minutes searching could we find him??? NO! We are absolutely bloody rubbish at finding dates on grave stones. It was a lovely memorial however and an enjoyable (if that’s the right word?) stroll around.

Cambridge American Cemetary

The reflection pool

Statues of soldiers are all along the memorial wall

Hyman Nathan has got to be here somewhere...

OK, we accepted the fact that we were crud at finding dates of the dead, but then I decided to use my noggin and noticed something about the dates on the graves. They were all between 1941 and 1945. The numbers that were required meant that it was obvious that the first 3 numbers were 194. The final number made up the last 2 numbers of the Eastings which with the maths meant that there were only 4 possible coordinates that the cache could be at. We plotted all 4 on the GPSr and they sent us to a location along a footpath along the cemetary where we had expected to find the cache. Thankfully we were right and our 15 minutes searching wasn’t wasted as we managed to find it!

A lucky find

Next we headed just down the road to Madingly Park and Ride. There is a cache hidden at each Park and Ride in Cambridge. We had found the Babraham one on a previous visit. For this one we parked at the Park and Ride and then went outside to a woody area. The cache was hidden neatly under some old logs.

It's a biggun!

Our final cache was slightly closer to home and was Ivy Bower. This one was a real pain. It was next to the river and turned out to be past a gate which was blocked by a big bollard which seemed to say “You’re not allowed down here” we tried to find a few different access routes to the cache, but ended up on the wrong side of the river. It turned out that the route past the bollard was indeed the one intended by the cache owner, however we felt quite uncomfortable climbing over the bollard to the cache as there was no footpath sign and you clearly weren’t meant to be venturing down the way. Hmmm…

Our final cache for the day

We had such fun finding the caches today. Most were nice, big containers and a pleasure to find. And to make it even better we didn’t have any DNF’s today! 🙂

Very, very Happy Caching, everyone!!! 😀


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