HOW TO: DIY Halloween Cache Containers

Halloween is just around the corner and despite it not really being a big holiday over here in the UK, it’s a holiday that I enjoy. Every year I always make Pumpkin soup to celebrate, and this year I thought I’d hide a couple of spooky caches. Even though it’s not all that big here there are still plenty of halloween goodies in the shops. Now, of course, you can buy your halloween caches, however in my opinion they are a bit pricey (The most expensive I’ve seen being a skull for Β£15!) For me, “creative containers” are pointless if you don’t make them yourself. For the massive sum of 38p I am now the proud owner of a Skull cache. So here’s how you can make one too…

The Trick

The 38p skull I purchased was from ‘Wilkinsons‘. I couldn’t believe my luck when I picked it up and it was hollow. Perfect for a cache. I’ve also seen some hollow pumpkins, squeaky rats, spiders, or bats. Any of these are potential caches, you just need a container and a drill. I also used some ‘Gorilla Filler’.

Your tools!

Step 1: Make a hole with a drill bit as big as you possibly can. Stick the skull in a vice (The safest way) or get someone to hold it, however be sure that they have some protection (i.e. a towel) to ensure that the drill doesn’t slip and hurt their hands. You can then wiggle the drill bit around the hole to slowly make it big enough for your chosen container.

A film can sized hole

My plan was to hang the skull from a tree at head height to give the finder a bit of a scare, so at this point I spiked two holes, about 1cm apart and threaded some garden wire through the holes to make a bit of a hook.

Step 2: ‘Gorilla Filler’ is a brand of expanding foam. This step is optional, but necessary to stop the container being loose in the skull. Next, we put a few good squirts of the foam in to the skull and wait for the magic to happen.

Gorilla Filler!

Step 3: Before the foam expands too much, pop your container in the hole and hold. Do as I say, not as I do and wear gloves for this… You will need to hold the container in place for a few minutes and then wipe the excess foam away.

Let the brains ooze out!

Step 4: You can then remove the container. It’s going to take a while for the foam to dry and the foam will probably continue to expand. After this you may end up with too much foam or not enough. If there isn’t enough room, the foam is quite easy to drill or cut away. If there isn’t enough give it a few squirts more and leave to dry.

Step 5: When all of the foam is fully dry and you have a hole to place the cache, stick some strong glue (e.g. Araldite) around the container and stick it in the hole. I’d recommend leaving the cache sticking out a little way so it’s easy for the finder to remove the lid.

Step 6: After the glue is all dry it’s time to hide it. Find an appropriate place. If you have a great custom container and hide it in a totally inappropriate place then the magic is spoilt. I placed the skull head height in an ivy covered tree. The finder will have to move the ivy to uncover the cache. Mwahahaha!


The Treat (and another trick!)

As I’m a big kid, I thought it wouldn’t be right to hide a Halloween cache without filling one with swag. There’s so much cheap spooky swag available at this time of the year, so you have a real choice.

This cache I constructed was in an old Whey protein powder tub. The height of the tub meant that I had a nice lot of room, and enough to hang a skeleton decoration from the lid for a little scare for the finder. I’d found a cache similar to this recently so thought I’d give it a go myself! I spray-painted the cache black (After a coat of Xylene of course!) and glued a glow-in-the-dark skeleton to the outside. The bend in the container meant that the skeleton wasn’t completely flush with the container, however I think he will hold ok.

The container with a little surprise

I was then ready to pack it full of swag. The cache is jam packed! There is an inflatable cat, inflatable pumpkin, lots of fangs, witch fingers, many varieties of spiders, glow sticks, light up decorations… GREAT FUN!

Boy, what a stash!

Spooky stuff

I’m really proud of my final containers, and although it took a bit of time to set up (and a bit of money to get all of the swag) I know that I have put something out that I think that others would enjoy, as it’s definitely something I’d love to find. And you know that spookiest thing? After hiding the caches I looked at an OS map and realised the area it’s near is known as “Burnt Women Plantation” Woooooo! Very appropriate, especially for the light-up witch inside!

Happy Halloween hiding! πŸ˜€


7 Responses to “HOW TO: DIY Halloween Cache Containers”

  1. Abi Says:

    These caches look fantastic, my kids would love to find these! Are you setting them before half term? May have to take a trip your way!!

  2. jane Says:

    Very nice job. I like the way you made it like a multi but you get credit for both parts!
    We have a multi near here that has a halloween theme called The Ride of the Headless Horseman. The 2 parts are a broken pumpkin and a horseshoe, the final used to be a large container full of goodies but it got muggled and is now just a log in a micro cache but it is still fun.

    • geocass Says:

      Glad you like! πŸ™‚ I was going to put the skull very close to the final and make just 1 multi as I found the perfect spot, however I thought the skull should stand as a Geocache on its own as I was so impressed that I managed to randomly find it in a shop and only pay 38p for it! The spot I chose for it is however a fair bit more risky than if I had put it with the final as it’s right next to a footpath, but I bought a second skull just incase it does get muggled. That halloween multi near you sounds like good fun. πŸ˜€

  3. Sarah Says:

    Cass these look brilliant!! I wish we lived closer I would definitely come out and find these two. Hopefully we can come out to SW next time I come down to visit my dad – I still need to colour Essex in on my map after all πŸ™‚ But doing them at Halloween time would be even better.

    I love Halloween too – I usually put much more effort decorating the house for Halloween than I do for Christmas πŸ™‚

    We’re away this year though so I’m not bothering – sob – doesn’t seem the same.

    I see someone has found both your caches already, they seemed suitably impressed πŸ™‚

    are you on Facebook, btw? if so, please feel free to add me – – it’s good to keep in touch with other cachers

    • geocass Says:

      There’s definitely something magical about Halloween. I also like ‘Talk like a Pirate day’ which is September 19th and I missed as I was on holiday, but I will definitely be hiding some pirate caches next year to celebrate. Christmas is over-rated! πŸ˜‰

  4. Hannah Says:

    Your caches remind me of a fab Hallowe’en series we did down in The New Forest; this was the first one GC1H7CM
    It was excellent and well worth a walk round if you get the chance. Sophie (my 5 year old) loved the walk.

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