GPX 1.0 vs GPX 1.0.1

I just imported a GPX file into GSAK and it told me something about using an old format of GPX file. Being your typical IT worker I didn’t read it, clicked don’t show me again and clicked “OK” (Something I do far too often without thinking!)

It then got me pondering about the GPX file formats. I’d read something about the different versions before, but not worried. Basically what it boils down to is two GPX verions:

GPX 1.0 which doesn’t include attributes and
GPX 1.0.1 which does include attributes.

The GPX file that you generate from your account is determined by your settings in your account details. If you visit your ‘Manage Account Preferences’ link here, scroll to the bottom and find your GPX Version Preference you can change from GPX 1.0 to GPX 1.0.1. If you change to GPX 1.0.1 you will be able to look at and filter attributes using GSAK.

In GSAK Attributes now show

From what I’ve read it seems most modern GPS devices will support GPS 1.0.1, but won’t take advantage of it and you won’t be able to see the attributes on your GPSr. You can however use the ‘Garmin Export‘ macro to have GSAK export the attributes list as a log entry (Among other things that the macro does).


2 Responses to “GPX 1.0 vs GPX 1.0.1”

  1. John Says:

    Hi Cass
    I’ve come across that, and didn’t bother before because I was using a Garmin Etrex, which didn’t support the attributes.
    But, thanks for this post as it’s reminded me to revisit the issue now I’ve upgraded to a Dakota.
    BTW, how do you delete caches from the Dakota. I’ve downloaded ‘basemap’ but when I log onto the Dakota I can’t see any easy way of identifying which caches are which, other than trawl through them 1 at a time matching the GC code with the details from the web site or GSAK.
    I’ve also found that having deleted some caches from a series, when I next power up the GPS it has deleted the ‘whole’ series 😦
    Just wondered how you manage the files on your Dakota.

  2. geocass Says:

    Hi John,

    We use a Dakota too. I’m afraid I only really use GSAK as a temporary means of modifying my files before transferring them. I know some people keep caches in GSAK and update them as found or as new ones come out.

    I haven’t experienced the problems that you have had with caches mysteriously disappearing. This is how I do it:.

    1. Manually delete the geocaches.gpx file from the unit. I will have logged everything by now.
    2. Generate a new PQ of the area I am visiting. Tick ‘That I have not found’ to exclude my found caches.
    3. Load these caches into GSAK, typically in a clear database.
    4. Filter any of the caches that may be disabled or difficult to find.
    5. Get GSAK to copy the caches onto my GPS.

    And that’s it. Everytime I want some new caches on it I clear out the area and generate a new PQ. The Garmin Export macro I linked to in my post above may help you.


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