iPhone logging timezone bug

Here’s an interesting “bug” for you… A little while ago Geocaching.com made a slight change to the way dates and times are stored in GPX files. They all get stored in UTC time whereas older GPX files stored it with no timezone, just whatever time and date a log got saved.

It seems like when you submit logs to Geocaching.com via an iPhone it gets a bit muddled with the time/date. I’ve noticed that some caches I’ve submitted late afternoon appear in my log list before those submitted early morning for example. After our visit to Nottingham I generated a finds query and noticed that it said we had 79 finds for one day (19th September) when I knew we’d found 59.

The numbers don't add up

I thought I’d done the logs wrong, but the Geocaching.com site listed the correct dates for my submissions.

The Geocaching.com log shows the correct date

I then checked the .GPX file and it was showing the log time for caches I’d logged on 18th Sept as found on 19th Sept.

However the GPX file is a day out

A quick Google for my problem showed that there were other iPhone users with the same problem as me.

So if you noticed a few waffy stats when you come to generate yours and you have logged via the Geocaching mobile app then the timezone is the reason for it. The quick (Or rather not quick) fix is to go into each log, edit it, change the date, go back into the log, edit the date back to what it originally was and it should now show the right found date in your .gpx files.


5 Responses to “iPhone logging timezone bug”

  1. jane Says:

    If you are doing dated challenges ‘they’ sometimes do not like edited logs!

    • geocass Says:

      That would make sense. I hope they fix the bug soon as the majority of my logging is done on the iPhone (And probably full of typos!!! πŸ˜‰ )

  2. mjaje Says:

    I would say that GSAK is to blame.
    If we take your example above: When you submitted it to geocaching.com the time was -7 or -8 (depending on daylight savingtime).
    The log was submitted to geocaching.com at 2010-09-18T20:30:50, and is showing up on geocaching.com at the 18th. In the log geocaching.com reports it as 2010-09-19T03:30:50Z because that was the time in UTC when you submitted the log.
    GSAK on the other hand is thinking that the log was made at 2010-09-19T03:30:50Z in UTC time and then reports it on the 19th.

    I would say – post this as a bug to GSAK.

    • geocass Says:

      A good guess, however it’s got nothing to do with GSAK, GSAK didn’t go anywhere near the GPX file, it was just clean off Geocaching.com. Groundspeak have since fixed the Geocaching app so this bug doesn’t exist any more! πŸ™‚

  3. Erica Joanne Gilchrist Says:

    I seem to have this problem still… Thought it was a time zone thing, but now perhaps no!

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