Custom stamps for Letterbox Hybrids

After our visit to our first letterbox hybrid, Eleanor’s Sweetie Jar I’ve started thinking that doing a few more letterbox hybrids could be pretty fun! I can be quite creative when I put my mind to it and doodling or stamping in a logbook really appeals to me.

So we decided that a trip to some letterbox hybrids in November is in order. I wanted to get a custom stamp done so that it has a personal touch rather than just buy a random stamp that I liked the look of. There are a couple of ways you can go about making your own. There’s a guide here on how to carve one from rubber which I decided looked fun, but would probably cost me a bit to buy the stuff and I would probably mess up some how!

I did some research and there are some online companies that you send your design to and they will make your stamp for you. I went with Stamps Direct and designed my black and white stamp in Photoshop then saved it as a bitmap and sent off the image with my order. I wanted to make a personal design that relates to caching so the stamp is of our handprints (searching for the cache) and Teddy’s pawprint (Usually standing next to us wondering what the heck we’re up to!!!)

I ordered a 40mm x 30mm stamp for £8.25. You can get bigger ones too. An extra £5 for 60mm x 45mm and an extra £11 for 100mm x 60mm. Postage is no more than a couple of quid and the order arrived within 2 days. So now I’m all ready for letterboxes! I think that the stamp will come in handy for normal cache log books as well. I’d really recommend stamps from this place. Remember if you want to do it you need to submit a mirror image of your picture!!!

The rubber stamp image

The stamped image


6 Responses to “Custom stamps for Letterbox Hybrids”

  1. Sarah Says:

    oh you should have said! I have a stamp making machine, could have done it for you for nowt

    that said, they’ve done a good job – I love the design! and that red rubber will last forever.

    I’d recommend you buy a “Stazon” brand ink pad to take out with you to stamp with – it’s pretty much the same ink that’s in a Sharpie pen, so it will stamp on anything, even glossy surfaces, dry pretty much instantly, and is completely waterproof so won’t run if the log book later gets damp.

    I’m a bit of a rubber stamping nerd 🙂 I have over 350 inkpads at the latest count! 😀

    • geocass Says:

      A stamp making machine? My word that sounds very professional! I should have thought what with you being so creative and mentioning liking letterboxing in a previous comment! Thanks very much for the Stazon ink recommendation. I’ve Googled and notice they do it in a nice purple so def going to buy some! 350 inkpads though!!! Wowza!!!! 😀

  2. Hannah Says:

    That looks a great stamp. I should get a stamp made (hint Sarah) for taking out caching!
    Letterboxing is a lot of fun…apparently there are 1000s on Dartmoor.

  3. Sarah Says:

    I always stamp cache logs in purple too 🙂

    as you’ll see if you find any caches after us 🙂

    Hannah I’d be happy to make you up a stamp if you photoshop up a design – it has to be pure black and white.

    just email it to me how you want it, I can do all the reversing and stuff.

    I feel like I should point out at this point that I do know Hannah already and this isn’t a standing offer to all readers of Cassandy’s blog! Before I get inundated 😀

    • geocass Says:

      Damn, just as I was writing you an email with a bulk rubber stamp order! 😉 😉 😉

      Purple is the best colour 😀 Hopefully we will be able to visit out your way and leave our mark in your letterbox hybrid one day.

  4. jane Says:

    I have a letterbox in Penasquitos Preserve called
    I discovered geocaching just after starting to letterbox!

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