Rowney Wood Ramble now active!

Hooray! Tonight our ‘Rowney Wood Ramble‘ trail has just been published. This one had been in the planning for quite a while as we had to wait a week for permission to be granted from the Forestry Commission. I’d agreed with the Forestry Commission that to prevent any damage to the woodland the caches wouldn’t be hidden more than a few feet from the path. It’s therefore not the most exciting trail, but it is very easy. The thing that is quite exciting about it is the animals, plants, and mushrooms that are in the woodland, so I’m hoping that cachers will be able to see a few exciting things out on the trail. I spent quite a while working on the descriptions and uploading photos. It’s crazy how long submitting trails can take and once you start hiding big ones of your own you start appreciating the big trails others hide even more! […]

A map of the trail

Although I submitted on Sunday afternoon the publishing had been delayed as I slipped up on two things:
#1 Two of our caches were too close by about 50ft. I’d used GPS Visualiser Distance calculator to check the proximity and all came back over 528ft, but I guess I must have missed one. I therefore had to remove one of the caches. The original trail had 20 caches in it (When you’re walking around bendy paths and zig zagging here and there you don’t always realise how close you may be to the last cache “as the crow flies”) which I cut down to 15 due to the others showing as too close. The trail is down to a respectable 14 caches over 4.2 miles now.
#2 I’d pasted the permission note from the FC in the “Reviewer’s Note” section of the last cache. Therefore the reviewer thought I hadn’t got permission for all of them and disabled them. I quickly sent him an email as I was online at the same time letting him know I had permission. He stopped reviewing and disabled all of the caches so I had chance to clear up the proximity issue.

So from this I’ve learnt that if you have special permission for a trail then put it in the notes for every single cache, and check all cache proximities thoroughly with the gpsvisualizer tool. This saves the reviewer’s time as they have no end of caches to publish and emails to respond to so it’s only fair that we help make it a bit of a smoother process!

I’ll leave you with some nice photos of the woodland! Happy caching! πŸ˜€

Beautiful dark mushrooms

Let Teddy lead the way...

An edible apple tree (You dont see these very often out in the wild!)

A lonely shroom

Itll soon be xmas...


2 Responses to “Rowney Wood Ramble now active!”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I went to school just by there – Alderton Infants & Juniors in Debden – I don’t even know if the school is still there….it was a LONG time ago lol

    good luck with your series – I hope you have lots of happy finders πŸ™‚

    • geocass Says:

      It’s a slightly different Debden. This one is a little village that’s on the outskirts of Saffron Walden. I know the Debden you mean though, just down from Loughton with a tube stop there. I noticed the name when we went down to London at the weekend.

      There has already been an FTF on the series. They must have been out at 2am-3am this morning. Madness! πŸ™‚ At least now I know all my coords were right though, I’m always a bit paranoid with the trail coords as there are so many!

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