Another caching trip to London

By ‘eck England, it was cold on Saturday 25th, wasn’t it? Or was it just me? I’m thinking I may need some thermal undies! 😉 Well, despite the cold we still decided to do another trip into London as we enjoyed the last one so much. This time however I took my Nikon D40 DSLR instead of my compact Nikon. I can really notice the difference, so think despite the size and weight my DSLR may have to come with us on all trips.

In this trip we did 17 miles on foot, at 3.5 miles on tube as we had to dart about London quite a bit. We grabbed 7 virtuals, 1 web cam, 2 earth caches and 19 traditional/multi caches. A total of 29 finds for today. […]

Yellow = On foot, Orange = On tube

So armed with camera and GPSr around neck I looked like a right tourist! Go Cass!!! The first Kodak moment however happened before we even got to a cache site when I spotted this old guy who thought it is perfectly normal to read p0rn magazines with leather clad men on the front cover opposite me on a packed tube train. It was so hard to keep a straight face and I was in fits of histerics, but after calming myself down I had to grab a sneaky pic with the iPhone.

I hope one day I have to balls to do something so crazy and not give a damn!

Perhaps we shouldn’t have chosen a day when there were so many line closures. The entire yellow, pink, and dark pink (Yes I know they have proper names, but everyone knows what I mean!) were out of action which caused quite a bit of extra walking, which as everyone knows we don’t mind but it did stop us getting all the virtuals that were on our list (Oh well, I suppose it just means we have an excuse to go back another day!) First stop was Moorgate where we went especially for the Harry’s Other Place virtual after we had especially visited the Harry Place virtual in the Peak District the weekend before to get the numbers to find this one. It was quite simple, we just had to look for some initial on the building. These initials made me giggle though, but not quite as much as the abbreviation usually suggests:


We caught the tube up to Oxford circus and up to another cache that we’d been planning for. This was the Gridlocked – Capital Style challenge cache that required us having a “bingo line” of terrain or difficulty. Now that we’d done it we could grab the cache. It was quite tricky to get to though as a previous finder had put it in the wrong spot. After a lot of reaching and gubby hands we came up with the goods. We then went to the Helical Ridges earth cache via Bond Street as there was a cache down there. Don’t think you’d have caught us down there if it wasn’t for a cache. Rolex, Chanel, Gucci… Mega bucks! We would have got thrown out the shops if we tried to enter! At the Helical Ridges cache we sat on a little stone bench to read up on what we needed to find. “Fossils in the rock? I don’t see any fossils!” it was then that we realised that we were actually sitting on them!!! And they were all around in all of the rocks used to make the building. It was amazing as it all became clear. There was even a fish!

Fishy fossil

Helix fossils

On the way to the next cache I even found some mushrooms to take a photo of, granted they were part of a stunning display in Fortnum & Mason’s window though:

If only these were the real thing!

It was on to Trafalgar square next for Ostra Antigua and the start of The Central London Team Quest 1 virtual (Which sadly we’re 1 stage away from finishing). Ostra Antigua took us to a statue of King Charles I, however on closer inspection there were fossils in the plinth that the statue was standing on. Something we wouldn’t have noticed unless a cache told us so.

Me with the king

Trafalgar square was buzzing with people today, and the sun even came out for some bright shots.

HMS Victory

One of the many fountains

We then passed along the river side down to the next cluster of caches.

There were lots of these guys all along the river

Unfortunately we had to pass the Pagens Earth cache as it’s *still* fenced off with the protestors camping outside. They don’t look like they are moving any time soon either

Oit! Get away from the earth cache!

Then it was on through muggle-central to the Palace of Westminster virtual. This took us to “The Jewel Tower”, built to protect the King’s personal treasure by Edward III where we learnt all about the moat.

The moat around the jewel tower

Stunning architecture

The next stop was The London Rainbow Cache Green where we went passed the Channel 4 building and came across GreyCoat hospital/school.

The channel 4 building

At the school/hospital

Then onto The London Rainbow Cache – Blue which took us to Blew coat school.

Climbing the railings

Then it was onto The London Rainbow Cache – Orange where we came to a pub called ‘The Orange’ and the place where Mozart composed his first symphony.

Statue of the young composer

Outside the pub

Line closures meant that the last few caches on our trip involved a lot of walking to get to where we wanted to go. It meant walking nearly a mile to ‘Green Park’, and hopping on the tube to ‘St John’s Wood’ to grab our final London web cam cache (There is another near Hyde Park but it’s been broken for months) it was London – Beatles Abbey Road. A Spanish family were going crazy for the web cam and thought it was the best thing since sliced bread as they phoned their relatives and waved at them and shouted at them. They were there for ages and with no sign of moving they just had to be featured in our photo. I’m the one holding the GPSr up high! Again I used my clever iPhone web cam trick to capture an image of us.

Us at the web cam

The London Rainbow Cache – Violet was in exactly the same spot at the Graffiti wall. We saw the plaque we needed and wandered through the gates to the Abbey Road building, but whilst grabbing our numbers a man banged on the window and asked us to leave. It did say on the gate that access wasn’t allowed to the car park, but I assumed that meant if you were in a car. Strange. A plaque on the building that you’re not allowed to go up and read. Oh well, we memorised our numbers and went out.

At the famous graffiti wall

Our final stop was up at Camden town. Due to the line closures this meant about 4 changes and would probably have taken us longer than walking so we quickly walked the mile and a half from Abbey Road to Camden. It was getting dark by now so we knew that we had to be fast. On the way there we passed through Regents park and nearly missed the final for the Catastrophe, Calamity, Cataclysm virtuals that we had done last week. We pulled it from the deep depths of ivy on the outskirts of the park (As caches aren’t allowed in London parks) and hurried through to Camden Market for London Rainbow Cache – Yellow (The yellow being all of the “Do not park here” signs)

One of the many horse statues at The Stable Market

Camden market is awesome and I have fond memories of visiting here with my friends when I was 16/17 to look at the clothes. I had a very rocky dress sense back then. We used to marvel at all the magic mushrooms that were sold on the market (I’m not sure if they’re allowed to do that now) and all of the stalls selling chinese food. We just had to stop off at one of them and grab a bite to eat (Chinese of course, NOT magic mushrooms!!!!!) before heading home. Noodles, and sweet and sour chicken for £3. Bargain! And so that was the end of our second adventure to London. Something tells me that due to all of the other caches that still need bagging we will be back there another day for some more fun too!

Happy caching! 🙂


5 Responses to “Another caching trip to London”

  1. Becky Says:

    Hey Cass, glad to see that you made it back to London for more caches. I am loving your blog and it is enthusing me to try for more difficult and obscure caches in my neck of the woods. If I get stuck, I know who to come to for help! The photo of the guy on the tube reading his “mucky” magazine is priceless – just as well he had a rucksack on his lap to hide his enthusiasm! 🙂

    • geocass Says:

      HAHA! Yes it was a very good job he had that rucksack. Another girl standing by the door had seen and she was giggling as well. The mad thing was was he got up to let an old lady have his seat, and he stood in the door way with the magazine *still* in his hand as if he was reading ‘Pride and Prejudice’!!! Yep, definitely drop me a mail/comment if you need any help with anything! 🙂

    • mcwomble Says:

      To be honest and it’s difficult to tell for sure, but it looks like he’s reading GT (Gay Times) which is no more a “mucky mag” than “More”, “Nuts” or any other of the plethora of ladz/chix mags available.

      But hey, some folk read the Daily Mail too.

  2. Sarah Says:

    another fun day out

    I used to spend almost every weekend up at Camden market when I was in my late teens too 🙂

    my big sister had moved out and lived in Belsize Park, so it was a good base.

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