1500 here we come!

Notable Caches: The Brayford Pool earthcache, All On a Line, Pyewipe junction, Skeg-to-ness #75-95.

A special 1500th milestone?

It was our last day on our trip away šŸ˜¦ and as we had to vacate our lodge it meant that we had to do something on the bikes as we didn’t fancy leaving them on the back of the car parked at a random location. We therefore chose the trail running along the old railway from Chesterfield to Lincoln conveniently grabbing the rest of the skeg-to-ness series running in descending order from #95 on the way there. This put us in a rather awkward situation. We were 21 finds away from our 1500th find. This 1500 meant quite a lot to us as for about 3 months it had been our target for 6th March 2011, our 1 year Geocaching anniversary. Well, we managed to get a lot closer than we had expected! We didn’t want it to be on a little micro. So after a lot of planning we decided that we would do Skeg-to-ness on the way to the trail, get to our 1499th find and then whizz all the way down into Lincoln to get The Brayford Pool earthcache for 1500. We would then make our way up the train line and get all of the caches on the way. Now that sounds like a plan, Batman! […]

Skeg-to-ness continued

We started at cache #95 and made our way towards Lincoln following the Skeg-to-ness trail. We started off pretty well with most being easy finds, but couldn’t spend too long on them and had to DNF one. We continued through and had to DNF another. I was getting a bit disheartened. I’d picked up a log expecting to find a cache under it, but there was nothing there. 2 caches down from this and I realised my mistake! I picked up another log and noticed a film can wedged in it! How could I have made such a mistake! I knew immediately where that previous cache was. We whizzed 3 miles back up the road and grabbed it. Sure enough it was in that darn log all the time!!!


An amazing view of the powerstation

We got down to Skeg-to-ness #75 and that was the end of the line for us. By this time we were at cache find number 1498.

A cycle path and a half!

Along this stretch of cycle path were 4 trails of 10 caches each which met up with each other. We were quite confident that we could do all 4 and parked in the middle at ‘All on a line #10’. We picked up this cache to grab number 1499 and biked about 6 miles straight into Lincoln. The cycle paths were absolutely amazing, so smooth and comfortable. it made cycling the 6 miles a breeze!

Check out that path! It was like that all the way into Lincoln

Lincoln 6 and a half miles

3 and a half miles to Lincoln

We whizzed down the track and were at The Brayford Pool in next to no time. This lies on the River Witham where it turns eastward through ‘The Lincolnshire Edge’, a slope that was formed by Middle Jurassic rocks, mainly Lincolnshire Limestone. It was a very muggle-rich area with lots of restaurants and muggles on their lunch breaks. Taking the pictures was easy, and so was getting two traditional caches afterwards as resting our bikes up against the places the caches were hidden actually helped shield what we were up to! And so that was our 1500th find! Hoorah!

Me at the pool

The tour boat the followed us all the way down the canal!

We grabbed a couple of random caches along the canal and then it was onto the start of Pyewipe Junction. The first cache was under a motorway bridge where the canal passed under. We wheeled the bikes to the spot and just as we approached I saw a snake on the ground. We stood still thinking “Is it a toy? Is it a creative cache container?” 5 seconds later just before I managed to grab a photo of it it slithered off into the grass. WOW! A real-life grass snake. I’d never seen one before. There were some “muggles” approaching with a dog so whilst we were waiting for them to pass I tried to find the snake. “Are you Geocaching?” the muggles asked us as they came up to us “Err… errr… errr”, then she said “Because we are!” It turned out that they weren’t muggles, but bobobex and corenominal who were doing some of the Pyewipe Junction as well! Me and bobobex did the searching, and she eventually uncovered the tiny little container. Hooray! We were on our bikes and they were on foot so we met up with them on a few caches and they were very kind and helped us find one we had a real problem with. Eventually after a bit of team work we had all grabbed the 10 caches that we needed. We do really love bumping into other cachers whilst we’re out. I love that with Geocaching you can randomly bump into a complete stranger who is doing the same thing and happily spend an hour or so with them, chatting and hunting. Brilliant!

Next we headed to do the All On a Line series that continued on from where we were. We’d hoped that the caches would all be quite easy finds and that we could grab all 4 of the trails today, however due to the pesky sizes of the micros and some of the hints being a little tricky to follow we ended up spending a lot longer, especially on this particular series. I think we must have searched for about 30 mins for one only to DNF it šŸ˜¦

These pesky little micros were a real pain to find

When we got back to the 10th one in the series that we’d already found it was time to call it a day and our stay up near Nottingham had to come to an end. I think out of all of the caching trips we went away on this year this was our favorite one. The caches were fresh, exciting and fun. We met some lovely people and we had some great adventures. I think a trip back up this way is definitely on the cards for next year as there are still many great caches up this way.

Happy caching everyone! šŸ™‚


7 Responses to “1500 here we come!”

  1. Sarah Says:

    congrats on your milestone!

  2. Hannah Says:

    Congratulations on 1500! wow! You signed up to Geocaching 6 days before us, an amazing total in such a short time. We’re aiming for 1000 before the year is out…it is going to be hard though.

  3. Abi Says:

    Cg on your milestone, I would love to able to cache as much as you do! Hoping to get 200 this weekend.

  4. firennice Says:

    Congrats šŸ˜€

    Good luck on your next 1500

  5. Abi Says:

    What is the next goal you’ve set yourselves?

  6. geocass Says:

    Our next goal isn’t find number oriented. It’s to get all 81 combinations of terrain/difficulty. Haven’t yet set a time frame. Let’s say something like by this time next year. It’s quite a tricky thing to do.

    How about you? Where are you aiming for now you’ve got your 200th? šŸ™‚

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