Close encounters of the cacher kind!

Notable Caches: RVCP, Waleswood Wander


We headed north-east a bit to Rother Valley Country Park. We were a bit undecided as to whether to take our bikes. We knew that the country park was bikable by visiting the website, however the cache description mentioned it being along the lesser-used paths. It turned out that leaving the bikes back at the lodge was a wise choice as only about 50% of it was comfortably bikable.

We headed from the parking spot to the first cache and noticed a name already in it for the same day ‘Eddie Robinson’. We must have started there at about 9:30am so we thought he must have been somewhere in front of us. “I wonder if we will bump into him” I said. The first 3 caches were easily found, however cache 4 was placed right where a little pay booth was for parking in the park. The man in the booth was staring right at us as we ducked up and down trying to find the cache. 10 minutes later it turned out that it was a rock cache. This usually wouldn’t have phased us but it was a very dark rock in a very dark hole! We were pleased to move on up until we had to cross a poorly marked golf course. Some waypoints in the cache description would have really helped us. We quickly hurried along the course going around the edge of the driving range and eventually ended up near a footpath sign. Phew! We feel so uncomfortable when we’re not sure if we’re on the right track. […]

Our Saviour!

We carried along the footpaths grabbing the caches. Just as we got to GZ we saw a guy leaping over a style we wanted to get to to find a cache. We stood out of the way so that he could pass. “Wrong way” he said very calmly and we noticed a GPSr in his hand “Are you Geocaching?” I asked. “Yeah” he replied, again, calmly. “Ohhh, you’re Eddie!” I was surprised at Eddie’s coolness as I always get over excited when I bump into another Geocacher. We were all heading the same way so we decided to tag along with him and complete the trail. It was definitely teamwork and we all shared the cache finding. Definitely good to have an extra pair of eyes especially when we came to a big metal bridge with the hint ‘TECAMING’ I thought it was something cool. Some part of the bridge and we searched both sides for quite a while. It was Eddie who came up trumps with the cache which was in quite a normal place. Later I realised that the clue was an anagram for “magnetic” (doh!) By this time it was getting absolutely boiling hot. The sky was clear and the sun was shining. It felt like summer all over again. What an unexpected surprise.

Lovely view from the bridge

We carried along with Eddie on the rest of the trail. We noticed that he had a walking pole which wasn’t just handy for getting up and down steep hills, but for poking to try and find cache. I think this may be a very good investment after seeing one in action. We grabbed a few additional caches with him as well before saying our goodbyes and sitting with the geese for a bite to eat. What an unexpected delight to bump into another Geocacher during our trip.

I promised they could have my sandwich crusts if they stayed away. We both kept our promise!

Waleswood Wander

Next we headed slightly north to a little trail of 5 by the same hider, ‘Waleswood Wander’ The footpaths here were quite overgrown with gorse bushes and prickled our legs as we walked through. Ouch.

A lovely view

On the whole though it was quite an enjoyable, scenic walk despite the first cache being a complete needle in a haystack. A film cannister, with the clue ‘Oak’ on a bank which had about 100 baby oak trees growing on it. 15 minutes of searching later and the cache was finally ours. That was definitely the trickiest find of the day, but we enjoyed the trail for the scenery.

Pretty flowers

What an amazing sky


One Response to “Close encounters of the cacher kind!”

  1. Sarah Says:

    it’s cool that you got to team up with some fellow cachers on this trip 🙂

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