Teddy’s first find (Well, kinda…)

Looks like all the caching out with us has *finally* got Teddy, our Geodog finding caches. I found a blue-lidded film cannister in a drawer tonight and placed it on the floor by the sofa so I didn’t forget about it. Teddy immediately ran up to it, stole it, and ran off! Now if only I could get him doing that when we’re out caching it’d save us loads of time (OK perhaps just the finding, not just the running off bit!!!)

'Mum, mum, I've found the cache!'


4 Responses to “Teddy’s first find (Well, kinda…)”

  1. firennice Says:

    That is an important skill to teach a dog.

    I will send a dog for you to train.

  2. Hannah Says:

    The next step will be to train him up for the 5/5 caches! Our baby now tries to copy us by looking under various objects- he’s not found a cache yet though!

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