Viewing any web cam cache on an iPhone

As most webcams use a special extension to run in your browser, not many are easily viewable on an iPhone in Safari. Sometimes you just don’t have the option to “phone a friend” but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a picture. All you need is your iPhone, a computer running back at home, some good signal (3G, EDGE, or Wifi. GPRS won’t work), and a couple of free bits of software.

On your computer at home install RealVNC
Through the appstore on your iphone download ‘VNC Lite’ (It’s free)
Next follow the great tutorial here. This will tell you how to configure the software on your computer, open the port on your firewall to allow access, and how to configure your iPhone. It really takes no more than 5 minutes to do.

You will then be able to fully control your computer, click on buttons, surf the web via your iPhone. Think of it like a little remote control. Good stuff. It came in very handy for us so thought I’d share my idea.

A screenshot taken from my iPhone of me writing this blog entry


4 Responses to “Viewing any web cam cache on an iPhone”

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    […] that could access the PC at home and view the web cams via that. I’ve added a separate post here for anyone who has an iPhone and wants to grab some web cam caches. So we were able to see ourselves […]

  2. Sarah Says:

    oooh thanks…. I am over to Belfast soon and there is a webcam cache there I really really want to get…. I had assumed I could just call up the web cam page on my ‘droid and take a photo of the screen with my camera (and I might still be able to, the browser on a droid is pretty well behaved compared to Safari on an iphone)…. but maybe I’ll install this just as a back up plan….

    • geocass Says:

      Yeah I think ‘droids have flash which may help with some cams. Out of the 4 cams only 1 was visible on my iPhone as it was a .jpg that changes when you refreshed the page. Worth checking the site on your phone first just incase. Good luck with it, hope you have better luck than we did with our teo! They weren’t bad, but just not brilliant!!! 🙂

  3. Another caching trip to London « GeoCass UK GeoCaching Says:

    […] Viewing any webcam cache on an iPhone […]

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