Geocachers to the rescue!

Remember the story about the Geocachers who saved two women stranded in the desert? Well this isn’t quite as exciting, but we were definitely in the right place at the right time. […]

We usually use Sunday as a “rest day” from caching (We usually need it after the day before!) and go and scout out new Geocaching places, plan our future trips, and get our boxes camoflagued and prepared. We’re currently waiting to hear back about permission to hide our caches in a certain spot, so didn’t think there was much point in going to check the coords or place the boxes in case permission is refused. So we thought we’d just go for a nice long walk.

We’d done Climate Chaos the Beginning last weekend and knew that Climate Chaos the Vision wasn’t far down the road and included quite a long walk.

We went to the coords on the paper included in the previous cache and found the first box that gave us the coords for two circular walks of 8 stages so that we could gather information from them to get the coords of the final. All was going quite well until we got to the 4th stage. We we travelling down a very quiet country lane and found a likely spot to go and search.

Just as we were about to go in we noticed a man and his very young daughter biking down the hill. “Muggles” we thought. We ignored them though as they would be past us soon and went to find the cache. All of a sudden we heard a crash like someone had fallen off of their bike. We didn’t think anything of it though because as a kid I always fell off of my bike. The father rushed round the corner with his daugher in his arms as if to catch us before we disappeared down the path (But we were actually lingering around the trees to find the cache). His daugher had grazed her arm quite badly and it was very bloody. He had his hand over her chin which she had obviously landed on when she fell which was bleeding very badly as well. He asked if we had a phone so I rushed over to him and he told me the number of his wife who he said was just 2 minutes away. He told them where he was and asked her to come and get them. He was surprisingly extremely calm. The little girl was screaming her head off crying (I think I would have been too if I had been cut so bad) Sadly as we weren’t caching we only had minimal supplies, but I remembered I had half a pack of tissues and handed them to her to mop up some of the blood. Sadly there was nothing else we could do or give them. We offered to move their bikes out the road, but the father said he was OK and went and did it. Again, surprisingly calm. Perhaps he was in shock. We walked back to GZ which was only about 30 meters from where they were. There was no threat in them even caring why we were checking trees for something. We kept an eye on them throughout in case they needed us. Our heart wasn’t really in the Geocaching anymore and we just lingered around in case there was anything else we could do. We checked a couple of obvious spots but found nothing and decided not to go down into the nettles, or do a thorough search today as it wasn’t really appropriate in light of the events. We waited for the mother to appear and pick them up before moving on down the road back to the car.

I hate to think what the guy would have done if we hadn’t been around and had a mobile with us. The lane was so quiet and the only other traffic we saw whilst travelling down it was one other guy on his bike who passed along after about 20mins of the accident. I guess it just teaches the lesson of always being prepared. Although the father thought nothing would happen as his wife was only 2 minutes away, you never know what can happen when you’re out. I just hope the little girl is ok now. I hate to think what they would have done if we weren’t around with a phone. I guess he would have just had to abandon the bikes and carry the little girl home.

On the way back to the car the combine harvester was out cutting the corn in the fields. We got absolutely COVERED head to toe in dust and flakes of corn! (Cornflakes! lol!). We also saw a deer as we passed along the footpath. It was very close, but ran before I could snap a pic. What an unexpectedly eventful afternoon’s caching!!!



4 Responses to “Geocachers to the rescue!”

  1. sumajman Says:

    Glad that you were on the spot to help out. I also hope the little girl is ok. Your encouragement certainly meant a lot to them.

  2. firennice Says:

    I love to read your stories/comments… I need to make sure and stop by more often.

  3. ErikaJean Says:

    Ouch! Glad you were there for them!

  4. A few more caches to end the holiday « GeoCass UK GeoCaching Says:

    […] from home. We’d walked the first loop in the summer, however decided to call it a day after a child fell off of her bike on the road right where we were searching. Luckily we were there to help though as the father didn’t have […]

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