Rambling Around Rochford

We wanted to do a massive walk today and there was nothing near by (we’ve cleared all the big cache trails! Dog!) So we drove 50 miles to Rochford (how’s that for dedication, eh?) to do the PUBS trail (GC218BP). We started at 9:30am, and got back to the car just after 8pm. We covered exactly 18.5miles and picked up 55 caches which included our 1300th find. Surprisingly our feet are only slightly aching and are not totally dead! Hooray!

It was an amazing trail and well worth the 100 mile round trip to do. There was a good variety of hiding places, but the hides were easy to find and the hints mostly helpful. It was flat terrain and included walking around fields, along roads and along the river which is always lovely. My only criticism would be that some of the logs were wet and slimy and were unsignable. Luckily we take stickers with us so could leave them on the containers to mark our visit. Unsurprisingly I logged a few maintenance logs today…

The trail started off quite relaxed apart from a dive under a willow tree for a real rummage to get the 2nd cache. We hoped the rest of the trail wasn’t going to be quite so demanding and luckily it wasn’t!


Hundreds of places to hide a cache under a willow!

We headed up along the river and were reminded of Schoolfrenz’s Tollesbury Wick Sea Wall walk we had done not long ago. Another great day out. Things were going very well and even the Blackberries on the nearby bushes were great. I haven’t tastes such lovely blackberries all year!

A lovely view out to the river

Swan lake

Lush Blackberries

At 12pm we stopped for a drinkie at ‘The Plough and Sail’ pub which is run by Jamie Oliver’s Uncle. It was such a beautiful pub with flowers on the outside and an avery in the beer garden. We would had been very tempted to try the food if we didn’t have lunch in our bag.

Pretty pub! 🙂

The path from the pub headed back down to the river where we hunted for a pretty big cache in the River Roach series. In the end we found a big green bucket. It didn’t look like your usual cache container and I remembered back to doing the Devils Dyke container when last time I opened a container I wasn’t sure about it had a turd in it!!! I told Andy it was his turn to open the dodgy box! We were lucky this time! No poo, just swag!

A book about the Moors murders? Interesting swag!!!

We passed the Old Oyster beds and on to the sea defences where we found a cache and a place to sit and eat lunch. Excellent! 😀 I do like bumping into a pillbox here and there. It brings back fond memories of my childhood when my dad used to take me and my brother to explore them as there are 4 very close to our home. It always felt like such an adventure to find the little houses! It wasn’t so good to go inside one today as I’m a lot bigger than I was, but I managed to retrieve the cache ok!

The old Oyster beds

On the approach

It's a bit cramped in there!

We passed through a nice little village onto a cache outside the village hall. Just our luck! They were holding a fête there and it was muggle central! We nearly gave it a miss but we worked out it was easily grabbable if we were sneaky. I did the sneaking and no-one was any the wiser. In the same village we passed onto a cache to mark the location of a WW2 radar station. We passed a couple more pillboxes on the way there too. Good stuff!

Bunker Number 1

Sadly couldn't get any closer to it than this

The PUBS trail was split into 3 sections (#1 to #28, #29 to #40, and #41 to #50) we combined the first trails which resulted in only about a mile of doubling back. At cache #28 we hit our 1300th find! Wow!

Had to lean against the bridge otherwise I'd fall over!!!

Then we continued onto the final section of the trail. We got around extremely well all day, no getting lost, but it wouldn’t be right to get all of those caches without going wrong, would it? Cache #49 was the wrong ‘un! We should have crossed a bridge over a stream but we didn’t and were the wrong side for the cache. Not wanting to double back I decided we could be uber clever and cross a sallow part of the stream to the other side. The crossing went well but the clambering up the bank wasn’t as hot as there were a few mean brambles. I got through fine, but poor Andy got holes in his shirt and an arm covered in blood. He was still in good spirits though as we found the cache easily and were then on to our final cache of the day: PUBS #50 Bonus which promised us a ‘large’ container.

We had all our numbers from the previous caches and headed to the spot, but on the way we bumped into a huge cluster of rats gathering on a pile of sawdust. There must have been at least 25 rats on the pile! I’ve never seen so many in all my life. Sadly most ran off before I could snap a photo. We clapped and the rest fled as well. Then it was onto the bonus. It was in a section that was pretty overgrown, but I guess it had to be for such a ‘large’ container to be hidden. It didn’t disappoint. A nice big bucket full (literally!)

Fit to drop!

And that was the end of an awesome day’s caching. The weather was kind to us as well. It’s getting so hard now to pick our favourite days out caching as they have all been so amazing.


2 Responses to “Rambling Around Rochford”

  1. sumajman Says:

    Wow! You are really making the finds. Even more, you are enjoying the beauty of your country. Thanks for the pictures and the adventure story.

  2. Sarah Harris Says:

    Looks like a good day out, not too keen on the idea of stumbling across a huge rat community, mind. I’ve got nothing against domestic rats – I have pet rats at home – but wild ones aren’t quite as cute 🙂

    Those pillbox bunkers look like fun to explore.

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